Me and bomber jackets are not friends. And other critical matters

The Hot Flush

Season 2, Episode 12

Failed trophy wives, fashion avoidance, dud dads and more.




The Hot Flush

Joy at babies, head shaking at Barnaby (again), fist shaking at the banks (thieving bastards), and bed bugs (not ours) – the lastest edition of The Hot Flush is here.

Episode 8

The Hot Flush – the vision board has been cleared. All that remains: Hot Flush Radio.

Now the world’s most popular podcast for women, Mrs Woog and Kim work on their vision board to have their own radio show #hotflushradio

While Kim learns that even her blood is fat, Mrs Woog sets to writing her new book, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Period Pants. We hear poetry from when Mrs Woog was 12 and Kim reveals her first kiss turned the guy gay. But mainly, Hot Flush Radio has to happen.

The Hot Flush – Season 2, Episode 3: Barnaby, burgers and butt sex

The Hot Flush: Season 2, Episode 2


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