These days

are filled with early rises,
quiet starts with just me and Oscar
getting him ready
answering myriad questions
packing his lunch
coaxing him (unheard of) to eat something
and then out the front for the bus at 6.50am

then have a second shift as the other three rise
bleary eyed, squinting against the morning sun
hair askew, gait a bit wobbly
‘good morning mum’ I always get
with a cuddle
from each of them

are then then filled with getting the washing on
making the various lunches
ensuring some form of breakfast is absorbed
reassuring the G-man that it is (or isn’t) a kindy day
and all of us bubbling along in a calm and unhurried rhythm

then present a few hours with only one child or for two days
none at all
I learnt the hard way that I must do something just for me
on those days
or all of us will suffer
they are the oxygen mask to my soul
to survive the weekend of solo parenting

see me at a kinder gymnastics class with Grover
the first such activity for him and for me with him
and OH how he adores it
and OH how I try to only shallow breathe inside the stinky gym
but it is quite delicious to see his delight
at conquering beams and bars
even when he does run straight into them every now and then

see my afternoons disappear in a sea of notes
tired and hungry children
meltdowns after a day of trying to be (and being) so good
Jasper and Felix, my two good boys who try so hard
and homework
and readers
and sight words
and reading
and activities like cricket or dance or gymnastics
and dinner
and baths and showers
and bed
and OH MAN if I’m not in bed by 9.30 it all gets rather ugly

are full and busy
and while certainly not rocket science
make me feel fulfilled
and full of purpose
at raising brave young men
caring and daring
loving and funny
who also put their clothes in the laundry
lower the toilet seat and lid
and wash away their toothpaste spit
and occasionally remember to wear deodorant

and always, always give their mum a cuddle
and tell her how much she is loved.

Saturday so far

I keep pondering that surely it’s not just because I am not suffering at the hands of the Red Ninja can this Saturday be so much more pleasant than the last. I mean, we’ve all been struck by some dastardly cold involving snot and coughs but still, there has been no yelling, no fighting, no, well, minimal tears.

Go figure?

I mean, this morning was Special Olympics Bowling – with two little fellas in tow who did not melt down and whinge and wail when I informed them there was no budget for drinks or treats.

And since then there has been playing and building Lego ships and being incredibly chilled.


OH sure, Grovey is now screaming at Japper about some such but that’ll blow over.

I made quesadillas for lunch. I would have to say that quesadillas make everything better.

Dinner is oven-baked fish and chips with salad.

I may even go for a run.