current affairs

I am currently addicted to current affairs tv – what with the Moose Slayer, our new garbo Premier who uses phrases like ‘being sick to the hind teeth’ and that he loves his partner ‘to bits’, that South Australians have done more to redeem the entire state for me than any number of The Cook and the Chef had managed to by producing a 10 per cent swing against the Libs in Alexander Downer’s old seat of Mayo to.the.Greens and the fact West Australians just seem to have voted a party to power, which in the past few months was having such poisonous infighting it was looking to no longer exist in that State.

Marvellous stuff!

And oh how I love this:

New Favourite

I know I am musically retarded, discovering bands and songs about five years after they’ve been in the Top 10 and everyone else is sick of them, but this morning I heard this band on the Js and oh my goodness, I was transported.

They’re on Live at the Wireless tonight. If I didn’t have four kids and wasn’t in a current habit of being asleep by 8.30 I may even have tried to catch the program. This morning’s song was one of the ones they’ll be playing tonight. Apparently there were 28 people on stage and a crowd going wild. Most awesome.

Definition of an olympic sport

It seems fitting on this the night of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games to revisit the best thing to come from the Sydney Olympic Games.

all ahead of me

From Eleanor, who unknowingly and unintentionally made me spontaneously smile with this.

Still makes me cry like a baby