An OK day. Good even!

Oh guys, how your beautiful words of reassurance and encouragement buoyed me in that black sea. I know I drag you guys along on this roller coaster and well, today is no different.

Today I decided to play it low key. It was just me and Grover and there was much TV watching and playing on the computer. But there was equal measure of hanging on the lounge together and just generally decompressing from that rough weekend.

According to the forecast next weekend is meant to be more of the same in terms of the weather so I am already hatching plans to get us out of the heat or at least doing something rather than just enduring the weather.

But today there was goodness. GREATNESS even.

1. Grover drew his first attempt at people.

2. I taught Jasper how to ride his bike without training wheels! The look on his face as the confidence grew – oh that he will conquer the world!

3. I made three different dinners all from the same base of rissoles I had made a few weeks back and frozen – for some meatballs in tomato sauce, for others meatballs in a tomato and chilli sauce – both those with penne, and for mum rissoles in a red wine gravy w/ mash, carrots and broccoli. And we all ate at 6.30pm.

4. Jasper bought home his first reader. Is there nothing more breathtaking than seeing a child learn to read? I think not.

5. Everyone was happy today. And settled.

But the biggest achievement, after two weeks (if not more) of feeling like I was running with lead in my legs was this:

10kms people.  I ran 10 kilometres WITHOUT stopping. It took me about 1hr 10 mins. Sure, I’m now cripple but I did it. I CAN DO IT!


In which I declare war… and other stuff.

So you know my rules?

The boys have been sorely tested by them. Sneaking on the xBox when I’m not in the room then forgetting they’re being sneaky by getting so engrossed in the game and not realising I’ve returned to our OPEN PLAN YOU NUMBNUTS living area and then all falling down dead when I just turn it off BEFORE THEY CAN SAVE IT OOOHOOHOOH THEPAINTHEAGONY.

It has been a very hard slog. One in which I showed moments of weakness only to then smack myself in the head because if I’ve learnt anything over the last 13 years it’s that if you have drawn your line in the sand, pitched your battle, set the parametres then

Oh the wailing.

Oh the gnashing of teeth.

Oh the emo.

Oh the torturous WHINGING OF DEATH.

But I have held firm and today I did the ultimate. I hid every.single.controller. Including the computer mouse.

And you know what? Instead of the foot stomping and wailing and gnashing of teeth?


Not a nada.

What did they do instead?

They visited next door (as did I for a chin wag); they visited across the road (as did I, for a chin wag); they played out the front for a while; we watched Glee together; they p.l.a.y.e.d. together, creating a game with their lego aeroplanes. Each of them with a role.

There was, let’s take a moment, NO fighting. No tears. No “I DIDN’T GET A LONG TURN”.

OH I know I know, tomorrow will be all out war once more but dudes, today, today I WON.


In other news I washed Felix’s sheets today. DEAR GOD I needed a HAZMAT suit. I had to WASH.THE.PILLOWS. as well as the bedding. What the hell is it with boys and boy smell???


In other news, today I ran 8kms. I think I have shin splints and I am psychologically challenged by the whole running caper at the moment but know it will go once I get over this week. Why is the third week of a program the hardest? It was the same with C25K and now the same with Bridge to 10K. Weird.

Re the shin splints –  I had them as a teenager and have a vague recollection the pain was similar. I am trying to ignore them because there is no way I’m not running.


In other news, according to the scales I have lost 9kgs since October last year. But that was yesterday. This morning it said I’d only lost 5 so either I need to do a really big shit or am as full of air as you all can already confirm.


In other news, I am still the Queen of Supreme Organisation and feeling damn good about it to.


In other news I had a meeting today with someone who might be able to manufacture my little business idea. To say I am giddy with excitement and sick with anticipation is an understatement.



Inside the mind of a novice runner.

*CHIME* Five minutes warm up. Walk
Kim: Ok, here we go.
*CHIME* First interval. RUN.
Kim: Oh crap.
My shins hurt.
My ankles hurt.
What’s that pain there? Is that my hip? That can’t be good. I wonder how long I’ve been going. FORTY EIGHT SECONDS. OH CRAP. Bloody earphones, never work, hate this song, well I don’t really but it’s making me cranky. Oh look, they’re selling. Wow. Eugh, stupid fast old man runner. Hey, concentrate on your breathing, that’s better. This isn’t too bad. Maybe I’ll go down here today, nah, go up the hill and then a bit further and then back up the other road and down the hill. Oh COME ON, that has to be ten minutes…
*CHIME* Second interval. WALK.
(one minute later)
*CHIME* Third interval. RUN.
Kim: OH NO WAY, that was NOT a minute. EUGH. Here we go. Actually, I’m not feeling that bad. Oh man I’m tired, maybe I’ll just walk. NO don’t walk, think of how awesome you’ll feel if you do this and don’t give up. YEAH but that hip is really hurting. Well it’s not ‘really’ hurting but it’s kinda sore and FAR OUT I’m sweating like a bastard and how long have been going? TWO MINUTES THIRTY FOUR?!!! NO way. GOD. Maybe I’ll just call it quits today, at least I got out of the house. NO. KEEP GOING. You know how good you’re going to feel once you’re done. KEEP GOING. I need to change my music, getting bored. Oh, there’s that beautiful house. OH WELL, don’t smile at me then you fat cow, I’m RUNNING and I could give you a smile. Pfft…
*CHIME* Fourth interval. WALK.
FAR OUT this is hard. So tired. Maybe I’ll just walk the rest of i…
*CHIME* Fifth interval. RUN.
God I hate that voice. Is that a stitch? Am I getting a stitch already? Goddamnit. Concentrate on you breathing. Deep breaths right into your lungs. Fuck that right calf muscle is sore. Hey, this is actually going ok. I’m feeling GOOD! let’s keep going! maybe I’ll run all the way to the hospital! Look at me, I have form! Look at how springy my step is. Stupid skinny mol, why are you here? Get thee back to Fitness First where you belong. Nice outfit though, wonder if it’s that fancy equipping dollar skins stuff. Probably. Oh this bra was a bad choice. Owww. Oh this won’t end well. Fuck I’m tired. No you’re not you whingy cow, pick up the pace, do a sprint.
*contemplates spewing*
*CHIME* Sixth interval. Walk.
Oh thank Christ. Can’t breath. Maybe that was a dumb idea. No, sprints are good, next run will be easier.
*CHIME* seventh interval.Run.
*hits pause*
*finally breathing somewhat normally*
ok, the home stretch. Wonder who’s up at home. Oscar definitely. Must put washing on when I get home. Dark load I think. Must ring kindy about Grover’s starting time. Oh damn it, wonder where I put Kasper’s immunization info from the GP, must dig that out. God u hate this song now I mean really, she’s ‘tri’ because she’ll try anything once? PULEESE. DEAR GOD this is the longest TEN minutes if my life. What is that smell? Gross. Oh God, hill. Let’s go. My body is a feather, floating on the breeze, my legs are as light as air, springy like a Gazelle. Gazelle my arse. Fuck that was hard. I’m so hot. Nearly there, nearly there…
*CHIME* eighth interval, cool down.

No wonder I’m medicated.

Today was HARD – everything bothered me – my headphones, the armband, my BODY. But I’m back on track. Mon, Wed and Fri are going to be running mornings and in six weeks I should be running 10kms. Pretty awesome huh.



a few months back I won a magazine subscription to healthSMART from Mrs Woog, some sort of cruel joke as she had all manner of awesome giveaways last year including UberKate jewellery but hey! A magazine subscription! In my year (now ongoing into 2011) of magazine purchasing embargoes.

Then the Boombahs got going and I decided to jump on board.

Then I started C25K.

THEN the beautiful Eleanor bought me a magazine subscription to Runner’s World for my birthday. Cheeky bugger.

Fast forward to this week. I can now run for 30 minutes non-stop and I’ve lost around 6kgs.

The mail arrives and there they are – healthSMART and Runner’s World. Addressed to me.

I swear the earth has tilted on its axis.

BUT – that Runner’s World? SO GOOD.

Here are some things I’ve learnt from my first issue:

– Only increase your output in 10 per cent increments per week.

– Do not go out too hard – you will end up injured and losing enthusiasm (I could feel this happening to me and have realised to just cool my jets and stop being so freakin’ competitive).

– Warm up is important – just 5 minutes of brisk walking gets your neuromuscular system going (ie your brain telling your muscles how to contract) as well as triggering your system to start churning out fat-burning enzymes. And importantly, that five minutes sees your synovial fluid – which helps lubricate your joints – warm up.

All I can promise you is that I will never take up scrapbooking.