Go sell some medicine bitches…

And in other news, as some dreadful oversight, I seemed to have forgotten to blog on Monday night about the Idol Ousting. So, rather belatedly…

My Sunday night betting on the bottom three was that it’d be Tarisai Bratz Vushe, Marty Animal Simpson and Carl Crooner Risely. Interestingly it appears the world has finally caught on that TiNatalie Gauci-Arena is just going to be the fodder that is Tina, Kate Cebrano and it appears Katie Noonan. All women with awesome voices but just incredibly bad at song and ultimately career choices so they’re left wandering the wilderness that is being popular in Japan. Cough.

Tarisai Bratze Vushe is gawn thank you Lord Geesuz. Her deathknell was clanging when she said ‘I don’t want to offend you but I’m really sorry but I’m not fake’ for the eleventy gagillionth time.




And here is the weirdest top 4 since oh, 2006:
Carl Crooner Riseley, surely the next to go






TiNatalie Gauci-Arena, the woman insists on wearing leggins and used a staircase to stand on top of the piano. Her time is nigh




Matt I love me some hairwax Corby is going to win and everyone knows it so hard they’ll all stop voting thus causing the biggest upset since oh, 2006



Marty Animal I channel Jack Johnson and really want to be John Butler Simpson