The Hot Flush – the premier podcast for the perimenopausal

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So, for the last couple of months, Mrs Woog and I relaunched our podcast with a flash new name and even a fancy logo.

Welcome to The Hot Flush, the premier podcast for the perimenopausal.

Basically it’s a support group for women who now have to spend a good part of their day plucking chin hairs, trying not to kill anyone, containing a reenactment of that scene from Carrie, not falling asleep standing up or indeed just trying to get some sleep. And then there’s the sweats.

And still we manage to laugh.

We’re up to episode five, so you better hop to it.

The link below takes you to our iTunes page.

I implore you to listen, subscribe, leave a comment and rate.

Basically because Woogs and I want to rule the world. No biggie.

The Hot Flush



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October 2nd, 2017 at 6:28 am

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