Push me, pull you

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For those of you not following my chronic over-sharing on other social media channels, I’ve been in a new relationship for just on seven months. It’s quite something.

There is pretty much only one problem, the push me pull you of being a single parent and a girlfriend.

You see, the boys’ father (X) doesn’t have them for any length of time and certainly not overnight. He sees them one school night a week. That’s it. In total. Oh, occasionally on school holidays for a couple more hours.

So developed the infamous #Robnight. Yes, his name is Rob, say “hi Rob”. #Robnight happens on the night X has the boys. I stay over, get up at 5am then drive 45mins home to get everyone ready for school and get ready for work. (With a shout-out to mum that I can do the overnight thing.)

Then there is usually a weekend night. Twice in that 7 months we have spent a whole day with each other, just the two of us, otherwise I head home at around 12.

It is not ideal but probably just the reality of dating as a parent.

I never have a weekend “off”. Now I know, those of you not in single parent land are thinking, well I never have a weekend off either. But here’s the thing, you could. Oh sure, so could I but do you know the logistics and favours I would have to pull for that?

I hate I have to make a choice, I hate I feel I’m letting someone down with whatever my decision or choice is.

So look, I’m being a whiny fuck, just indulge me.


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January 16th, 2017 at 8:08 am

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