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This is me:

Kim Palmer Berry, January 2017

I have rockstar hair

I have developed a penchant for a red lip and a strong brow.

I am a single parent, officially divorced, raising four boys including one with not insignificant disabilities.

I have a full-time job as an editor of two weekly publications on topics that are hugely relevant and important – the environment, climate change and carbon risk.

I have brilliant and incredibly supportive family and friends.

I am in love and loved.

There was an awfully long time, more than a decade even, that my life was incredibly stressful, immensely taxing on my mental health, so very debilitating to my self-esteem and sense of self and well, just a bloody hard slog.

In two years my life has turned on its head in only positive, happy and fun ways.

Who knew, huh?

So here’s to a brand new shiny year, let’s jump in together.



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January 12th, 2017 at 12:30 pm

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