Woog & Berry – episode 4

Guilty pleasures, sequins, schoolyard bans on cartwheels and what’s on the list.


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  • Cheekie

    I went to listen to the second half of ep 3 and discovered ep 4 had downloaded on my iPhone this morning on my walk, BONUS, so I did an extra lap of the park with a v v happy dog listening to you guys! Love your podcasts so much.
    However… I can’t get sausage rolls off my mind and I will need to walk to the local bakery to get one for lunch today.
    Perfect day off, I say!

  • farlam

    Hi Kim, Rosie here from your blogging for beginners workshop. Enjoyed this podcast & I agree that a plunger & some very good quality coffee is better in every way than that Nespresso muck. Your coffee drinking friends will love you for it!! I haven’t received an email from you yet, wondering if you got my address right with my weird name?