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Scene: rooftop carpark of major shopping centre. A not elderly gentleman sitting on a mobility scooter, shirt off, sunbaking.

Scene: outside school gates at pick-up time. Father, holding a young baby, drinking from a VB longneck.

Watching: another episode of The Biggest Loser. This year the criteria is fat AND (more) stupid. (I think that’s a comment)

Watching: the finale of The Bachelorette. I would be ashamed we watched this were it not for the fact it was largely hate-watching. That said I thought Sam was a top bird and Sascha seemed like a daggy dad type of guy so I wish them well. (which technically is a comment)

Watching: Gogglebox – basically the best show on television. I’m quite certain what this says about my mental capacity and I simply do not care.

Desire: a new set of saucepans. I’ve had mine since mum gave them to me for my 21st (and she’d had them in storage for me for a few years before that) and they’ve served their purpose well. But I want heavy-based ones like these. I saw them in the shops the other day, liked their weight then lost my breath at their price. There’s some super cheap on eBay at the moment but I can’t quite hit the buy button.

Reality: I have a thousand mugs but most of them are for my holiday house. When I buy one (never going to happen). Every time I go to the shops (rare) I am on the look-out for nice mugs. I’m yet to find ones I like. I’ve decided it is a lost cause and finding a mug with a thin lip* is impossible.

Action: In searching for mugs I ended up in at T2 where I spent a housing deposit on its Irish breakfast blend (because the Twining variety is not strong enough for my discerning palate), a fancy (plastic) jug and two herbal tisanes** to trick the boys into thinking it is iced tea just like the sugar poison! -laden ones. This outlay seems only to have worked on Oscar and considering he’d probably eat cardboard doesn’t count.

Targets for irrational hatred: mobility scooters, elderly drivers, people who do not pull to the left or right side of the lane when turning.

Winning: signed up for Presto after ongoing disappointment with Netflix and irritation with Stan. Result? 30 Rock and far better movie offerings.

Highlight: Being there for a friend earlier this week when she needed a sounding board and a subsequent walk amble around the lake (8km) with her later in the week.

Realisation: I can not be friends with gluten. This makes me sad but (largely) removing it from my diet transforms me into a better version of me.

Anticipation: It’s Friday and I’m staring at a weekend of cooking bacon cancer! and cheese pinwheels, cinnamon scrolls and something else I can’t recall as per the specific request of Felix. So weight loss plans and gluten-free existence working well then.



*If there’s one thing my mother taught me, it’s that a tea cup must have a thin lip.


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October 30th, 2015 at 11:42 am

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