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A dreadful thing happened today. Dreadful? Unimaginable? What word comes even close to encompassing what happened.

298 innocent people were killed by men fighting over borders. Oh sure they’ll argue it’s about so much more than that but I can’t shake my immediate reaction of “fucking men and their fucking weapons”.

They say it was a Russian separatist surface-to-air missile that brought down flight MH17 because Ukraine doesn’t have that military capability. I wonder how Russia talk its way out of this one.

They say there could be up to 100 people on that flight who were coming to Australia for the world’s largest AIDS conference. Scientists, doctors, activists working on life-changing, world-changing projects.

They say flights were banned over the region to 32,000 feet. MH17 was flying at 33,000. Who do you think makes that call when they’re aiming their missiles?

They say in the 28 Australians was a Grandpa bringing his three grand children home so they could go back to school while their mum and dad had a few extra days holiday.

I can’t stop thinking about that mother and that all she must want is to get to her babies.

Then I see pictures of people just walking over the crash site.

Sacred ground.

298 people dead but thousands of lives changed forever.

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July 18th, 2014 at 10:06 pm

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