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Yesterday marked the blessed end to school holidays. Aren’t they a funny thing? They arrive and we all have a kick in our step about sleep-ins, not having to make school lunches and no notes for two weeks, forgetting all of our children will be in our presence all of the time. Fast forward to the end of those two weeks and we’re ready to neck ourselves if someone tells us they’re hungry or asks what there is to eat one.more.time.

The day was marred by work and having Grover home sick, which he wasn’t really but by the time I realised that it was too late.

I had glorious plans for the first day of solace, the main being getting my eyebrows tended to at Benefit. Instead I spent more than an hour at Roads and Maritime Services (seriously, who put boats and cars into the one department?) getting new eToll tags and time in Kmart choosing undies for the big boys. Envy me at your leisure.

Anyway, everyone’s back today and I shall celebrate by working and watching an episode of House of Cards (ZOMG House of Cards, how GOOD are Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright).



Written by allconsuming

April 30th, 2014 at 11:24 am