Fickle. Just a little bit.

Talking about how fussy your kids are at eating is the great leveler of parenting. Those with kids who hoover anything know they are blessed and rarely crow about this most delicious of victories for fear it will all come tumbling down over something being green, too spicy, too brown, too thick, too orange or too hard.

I have one fussy eater. The air eater Jasper. He was such a good eater. Until he was 2. That kid lived on white bread and mayonnaise sandwiches for the better part of three years.

But when we start baring down in this concept of fussy I realise this family is kicking it out of the park.

Oscar will literally eat anything that isn’t bolted down except if it is spicy. Currently the favourite (except we’re seriously considering locks on the fridge and pantry to cease his dawn raids. True story.).

Felix will similarly fight you for food but doesn’t like saucey things like casseroles. He does however love a curry so that rule is clearly made to be broken. He hates risotto. He doesn’t care for peas but will eat them if pressed. Mushrooms are also not preferred.

It’s easier to list the foods Jasper does eat than the ones he doesn’t but lets just say anything green is out. EXCEPT he loves pesto. I swear to God these kids are solely on this earth to fuck with my mind.

Grover doesn’t like pizza, lasagne or spaghetti bolognese. He clearly missed Child Palate 101. He is dubious of most foods but ends up eating them because there are only so many nights a week you can eat an apple for dinner.

It was wandering around my local Woollies tonight that I realised while I will eat anything and a bucket load of it, I too am fairly pernickety about what I will and will not eat. While I like eggplant that’s been thinly sliced and chargrilled or deepfried in a fiery szechuan sauce I can not abide by it in chunk form. Similarly I struggle with zucchini and any form of squash. Asian greens except for Chinese Broccoli – in which the stem is the best bit – are simply vile. I can’t really come at smoked salmon but finely diced and mixed through cream cheese with shallots on sandwiches and I’m your gal. I’m really not a fan of casseroles and view the best part of them being the entire loaf of bread you consume “mopping up the juices”. And really this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Chef hates capsicum to the point at one restaurant he created a menu that had no capsicum on it anywhere.

So really, it’s quite something I get any dinner onto the table at all.

Happy Easter all.



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  • blackbird of Tuvalu

    Oldest: eats it all, very fast, great gusto. Always did. Has a temper when hungry. Always did.
    Middle: weighs about 90 pounds, eats anything but teeny tiny portions. Likes a cup of tea. Will not eat chinese food take away. Adores pizza and burgers. Always was a light eater.
    Youngest: hates cheese (and he looks adopted, too) and steak. Has a sweet tooth (no one else does) yet is very mindful of his fruit/veg/protein intake. (Has a neuro issue that effects his face which influenced his eating habits, but that’s another story.)
    What I find fascinating is that three children, raised in the same basic circumstances could have different tastes…though now that I write it, of course they do.
    All four of my men adore hot sauce on just about anything.

  • Kathy S.

    HAHAHAHA DUDE. I’ve got a husband allergic to poultry, legumes (including soy) and some tree nuts who hates pretty much all vegetables except carrots; a daughter allergic to legumes (including soy) and tree nuts who hates pretty much anything that didn’t come out of a box; and a son allergic to legumes (including soy), corn, rice, onions and walnuts who also has oral allergy syndrome which causes him to have reactions to a whole host of OTHER foods and who doesn’t care for anything “too rich” or large slabs of meat, and he’s actually MY GOOD EATER. It’s a freaking MIRACLE I ever find anything that this entire family will eat. Right now that’s pretty much limited to tacos and this fish thing I make with bacon. ONWARD INDEED.

    • Leanne H

      O.M.G. I’d be curled up in a corner! Good on you 🙂

    • That just made me fall down dead on your behalf.

  • Paola

    Brizio hates lasagna, cannelloni, French fries, cheese, LOVES fish carpaccio and has eaten that since he was a tiny tot, maybe 2 but will be disgusted if you propose sushi to him. No chilly for him. Chocolate by truckloads, give him a 2 lb bag of M&M’s and he’ll be your BFF. Fabio has become quite picky iwth his food but that’s due to his newfound love for trail running which requires a healthy eating habit so no read meat, very little salt, no sausages or salami or pancetta, little sugar and sweets. Me? There’s very few things I won’t eat: tripe and related and then I can’t even think of anything else. Amazing …

    • I wanted to get into trail running. But that was before I broke my back. Now I’m not even allowed to jog.

  • Leanne H

    The Teen eats everything…everything! If he’s not glued to snapchat/fb/some weird game, then he’s in the kitchen…eating everything. Miss Middle loves MKR etc so she’s getting quite adventurous, which is fun. Miss Little is 6 and is embarking on an anti veg phase, so I just hand her the tomato sauce to smother the offending veg with.
    Hubster is the worst! Hates garlic, curries, pasta, melted cheese, mince, things that are all mixed together. Meat and 3 veg, or, iceberg salad…yep, excitement. Oh, and any kind of seafood you care to mention.

    Got it way easy really, don’t I 🙂

  • Jody Pearl

    I was TOTALLY in awe of you before Kim however now I bow in your presence!

    The 22yr old has always been an air eater and the teen asked one dinner time around age 4, “do I like this” and my reply, “yes, you love it”….and she’s never looked back.