Stuff and nonsense

Chef tried to load more memory onto my computer and broke it. That was a month ago. It’s strangely liberating and terribly debilitating all at once. (I’m using his to write this.)

All the boys are back at school with great teachers and an exciting year ahead.

My head is currently “ok” but I’m worried about Chef and his head which is making my head a bit precarious. Work and money, nothing out of the usual.

Mum has been taking little weekends away to catch up with friends and see new places. I’m so thrilled for her. She’s had news of a possible trip which would be thrilling for her. Great to see.

Something’s wrong with my right hip.

There was a pile of crappe in the hallway that had been gathering friends for the better part of a year. I cleaned it all up, threw most of it out the week before last. I may still walk up the hallway making a conscious effort to walk in the space that had previously been occupied.

This week I was brave and approached someone I went to uni with looking for some more freelance work. It’s all looking very promising which is good for my head and calming my breathing. Again, work and money.

It’s raining here, slightly cooler but outrageously humid (my kryponite) so dinner tonight is roast chook and veggies followed by an apple and rhubarb tart I whipped up.

How are you?


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  • Susan, Mum to Molly

    She’s back! Yay!

    The humidity’s been shocking, eh?

    So good to see you back on the blog and to hear that you’re all doing ok.

    My baby’s just started school, which is doing my head in…

    Thanks for asking! xx

    • I hope I’m back, I am notorious for “being back” and not being back at all.

  • Kathy S.

    Dude! I missed your blogging stuff. I’m in “just keep swimming” mode ovah heah but it’s all good. Mostly.

  • We have a hallway pile. I cleared it a few weeks ago, yesterday someone who shall remain nameless, (Michael) started a new one by putting a broken washing basket there. As soon as the Teen cleaned his room, the broken washing basket magically filled with dirty washing, like its totally normal to dump all your shit in the hallway… The shit. Never. Ends I tell you. Xx

    • Wait, your teen cleaned his room?

      • He has to clean it or he doesn’t get the wifi password. I’m manipulative like that.

  • Reemski

    I have a hallway pile too, but no hallway: stupid open plan apartment. I’ve missed your voice a lot.

  • Linda

    Kim not sure if I am the only one having difficulties in getting a comment through. This is my 4th attempt in 4 days. Let’s see how I go this time?

  • This statement makes me laugh .. “My head is currently “ok” but I’m worried about Chef and his head which is making my head a bit precarious. Work and money, nothing out of the usual”

  • I have a desk pile. Well, two actually. They kind of have different purposes. I think. Maybe. There is also shit on my couch and boxes everywhere. I really should clean it all up. But I don’t. And that’s OK too.

    I hate all that money shit. If only someone just paid us to live.