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So, after years of talking about it and a year of really talking about it, Chef and I have launched our own food business. Behold:

AF logo April13

We’re offering a weekly range of restaurant quality dinners that you simply have to reheat. Each week we put out a newsletter which details what’s on offer for the following week.

Some of the meals are sous vide, which means we prepare the meals, pop them in a special plastic pouch, suck all the air out and then cook long and slow. Others are cooked as you normally would then cryovaced, which is basically the same process but not then cooked in the bag.

There’s also a pantry section packed with our jams and relishes, which means yes, I am finally selling my jams.

We’ve actually been up and running for a month and have had a few orders. A very talented lady is currently working on finessing our logo – which is up there and which I drew by hand. From there we’ll have postcards and other paraphernalia produced and the marketing will move into a higher gear.

Initially we’re just servicing the northern beaches and north shore of Sydney but city-wide and beyond will be down the track.

It’s as exciting as it is terrifying.

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Written by allconsuming

July 18th, 2013 at 9:00 am