News from the sidelines: reporting for duty

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It’s been a while since there’s been any news from the sidelines but believe you me it’s only because I’ve been too slack to write it up.

Let me fill you in on just one component. There are many. I know, even I’m waiting with baited breath.

BBQ Coordinator.

Think Field Marshall meets Iron Chef and you’re getting close. Who am I kidding, it’s a glorified sausage sizzle but I’m determined to make it fabulous… with hotdogs and rolls, not just bread. Kicking.all.the.goals.


I ended up ditching the FNL reference and upping the biccie price. After all they were the size of a small child’s head and I did make them…

Every year the U14s go on a father son trip to Fiji. One of the fundraising activities that gets them there is the Friday Night BBQ at the clubhouse. You get all the littlies and their families coming up after training and then the crowds who roll in for the handful of games that are on that night. From where I sit it can be quite the money spinner. Well, I’m going to make it as such. Just you wait Henry Higgins

Blessedly this year they decided the job needed to be split between two people – that one person has run it solo in the past is knowledge that does little to alleviate my anxiety. So me and Matt are the 2014 U14s Father Son Fiji Tour BBQ Coordinators. I’m contemplating getting cards made.

Friday was our introduction and a gentle one at that – just training, no games. We not only earned enough for a working float we made a profit.


My onions were much better than Matt’s although curiously he disagrees.

The hardest part of the gig is ensuring the families rostered on to help out actually turn up. But I have my charming albeit slightly threatening and definitely guilt-inducing way with words to

The power, I can taste it.

This week we’re trialling chicken burgers.


That's Felix to the left there, he manned the till all night - voluntarily and with enjoyment!

That’s Felix to the left there, he manned the till all night – voluntarily and with enjoyment!


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June 11th, 2013 at 12:13 am