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inspired by (as in totally copying) Blackbird.

Love (at the moment)

  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Hainese chicken with ginger shallot sauce
  • Chinkiang vinegar
  • Gluten free grain bread, toasted, with tahini and Maggie Beer’s seville orange marmalade (as opposed to mine, it was a gift) (and apparently I’m a hippy now)
  • Crisp crystal clear days
  • 5am walks with my friend B
  • My new Elk Accessories boots (last season’s, half price, knee high, suede, like butter) (I really wanted them in sage but they were not available in my size so I settled on the black)
  • Watching Felix morph into a teenager – turning 13 is really like a light switch in terms of change in a kid
  • Grover learning to read (watching your child learning to read never gets old)
  • Jasper’s burgeoning love of creative writing (he has a wonderful teacher and is having a fantastic year)
  • Oscar’s teacher who rang me this morning, at 7:30, from home, still in her pjs, after seeing my email about an incident on the bus yesterday afternoon that left Oscar inconsolable and incredibly reticent to get back on the bus this morning (the result? A behaviour contract for the offending child and a plan for Oscar to help develop his resilience skills – because he’s such a nice kid he’s a bit of a target for the not-so-nice kids)  See also: School of Awesome.
  • My hair – I’m growing it out for reasons I can’t recall. At the moment I’m channelling Conan O’Brien or Kramer.

Hate (for a moment)

  • The boys fighting – it’s not a patch on what it used to be, which means when  they do it really jars with me
  • SSRI drug withdrawals – my brain and body are currently trying to decide if they feel drunk, that they’re going to faint, or maybe fall over
  • Mental instability
  • A recalcitrant thyroid
  • An insatiable appetite for eating crap
  • The resultant expanding waistline (see also: drug side-effect, mental instability, recalcitrant thyroids)
  • Money – the lack thereof
  • I pick at my cuticles, I’ve picked the one on my left thumb so deeply it is constantly paining and if I bump it I see stars. If Chef read my blog I would be able to hear his eyes rolling from over here. He hates that I pick my cuticles.
  • My hair – I’m growing it out for reasons I can’t recall. At the moment I’m channelling Conan O’Brien or Kramer.


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