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Felix was 13 on Friday, isn’t that something?

That he and I made it out of the first four years of his life is nothing short of providing evidence of miracles. If you don’t believe me or you’re new around these parts just go back in the Felix archives.

Let’s just say he liked to scream, didn’t like to sleep and was just one hell of an angry baby. Something clicked at around 4.5 and well, thank heavens for that.

He is my sensitive thoughtful guy, still a kid and yet often so wise and mature beyond his years. Wickedly funny, thoroughly emotional and good on the tooth is he. Then he torments one of his siblings to within an inch of their lives and well, situation normal.

This year has been a mighty fine one for him and I think that having a mighty fine year the year you become a teenager is not a bad way to start what is basically the Phase of Awkward.

He not only loves rugby he’s good at it. In the firsts with his club and as of last week officially in the region’s U13s representative side. He got a kit bag and everything.  He told me that it makes him feel good about himself and that he feels like he has something with which he could go somewhere with. Isn’t that just the core dream you have for your kids – that they find something that is their thing, that puts fire in their belly, that makes them feel like they belong to something and have a place in this world?

Last night I had a mad dash out to the Kidspot Voices of 2013 party. I’m one of the inaugural Hall of Famers. Quite something. I left Felix in charge and just as I was leaving the event Felix texted me a picture of him and Grover pulling silly faces with the line, “Just if you are wondering we are fine but a Kit Kat would be nice”.

Yeah, he’s an awesome kid and I feel outrageously privileged to not only be witnessing him become a man but playing a part in it.




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May 19th, 2013 at 10:25 pm

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