New Favourite

One of my New Favourites – this time a short video from TEDx Sydney which I went to on the weekend. If you ever wanted to know what it sounds like in my brain, this is it.

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In case you ever wondered what my brain is like at any given moment:

I went to TEDx Sydney on Saturday where this was one of several brilliant short videos. It’s been a slow burn of ideas and inspiration for me ever since. More to come.


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  • I probably only have 4000 thoughts, BUT I SEE everything. EVERY. THING. All the time.
    Tis a blessing and a curse.

  • You know the best bit … Mel, the director is one of those insanely lovely people.

  • NO wonder we’re all so tired at the ned of every day… now if I can just work out how to turn off the thoughts and get some actual sleep…