Meet The Press

Kim Berry’s appearance on Meet The Press

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So this was how my Sunday morning played out:

I watched it tonight with Chef, the inlaws and all the boys and didn’t wince once. In fact, I was quite pleased. And how hot are my new specs.

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  • Angela

    DELIGHTED you feel that way – you bloody should! Well done smart, articulate lady xx

  • Love when I *know* a celebrity. Because that’s what you are now. Obvs. Also, onya! x

  • Mrs WOOG

    You guys were excellent xx

  • Denyse

    Proud of you! You looked bloody awesome and I watched with my 2 granddaughters …loved it all. Eden was superb. You ..rocked …it! D x

  • Lea

    Clever lady, no doofy bits, no drizzlywhoozitBRIGHTLIGHTSwhat?

    You did-done-good-girl.


  • Lea

    btw, unrelated: you dumped your link love?

  • Well done to you both- way to REPRESENT 😛 ladies. You both did great and grumblers would have a hard time picking on anything that a couple of smarties like you said.

  • Well done!
    Articulate, thoughtful, smart AND you look great.

  • FANTASTIC! That is all.

  • Linda

    Well done! True to yourself and confident.

  • Paola

    What a natural! Amazing … Is there anything you CAN’T do?

  • SOOOO fascinating. You looked and sounded great. The dynamic is fascinating between you and the journos who have to acknowledge that the old world has changed and don’t quite know what to make of this new online landscape. You could almost feel them wanting to pick your brains ‘how do you do it. how do you get the access, what titbits did she give you that we could blow up into a scandal?’ You are at an interesting place in history right now, Kim, enjoy it.