Falling, with style

Have you seen Jumanji? It’s one of my favourite kids movies about a magical ¬†board game that comes to life and when not being played emits a pulsating African drum beat to lure its next players.

When I woke up at 3am with the wound site on my back pulsating like the Jumanji drums and the feeling I had been hit by a truck I knew we were in trouble.

I couldn’t bring myself to wake Chef. That poor man must be phobic of 3am the number of times I’ve woken him at that hour in a psychosis, anxiety attack, back drama, insert other crises here. Instead I broke the no driving for six weeks rule and got myself to Mona Vale Hospital (aka Club Mona for the amount of time we frequent it).

What transpired was an ambulance transfer back to Royal North Shore and a nine day stay after they had to open up the wound site to clean out an abscess that revealed a staph aureus infection.

I was home a mere two days before things went awry once more and here I am, back in RNS, another surgery, another clean-out and another “highly unusual”situation with a wound site not doing what its meant to do.

To cheer me up my beautiful friend Mary set up a Pinterest board for people to post things on they knew would make me laugh or my neck itch. Next to my own Things That Shit Me board, its probably the best representation of my personality ever compiled.

So here I am, hopeful of going home tomorrow to once again strive for a mundane life.



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  • Wishing you the most mundane of months ahead.

    • My goal is no hospitalisations for anyone in March. Giddyup!

  • Mrs Woog

    I specialise it in. I will give you a training folder x

  • Poo.

  • eurolush

    Thinking of you and hoping, with fingers crossed, that life returns to normal and you’re home soon, reestablished as the domestic queen we all know you are. Onward!

    • I miss cooking SO MUCH. Thanks sweets, and lovely to hear from you!

  • Lisa McKenzie

    I hope you feel better soon hon I know the pain your going through I had a lovely golden staph infection a few years ago and it’s not pretty and hurts like fark I am sending you healing vibes and a hug I hope this op clears it up xx

  • Oh goodness….you deserve a bloody break…hope you are on the way upwards and not just onwards xx

  • Lea

    What she ^said.

    Meanwhile, I want to vomit on your behalf. *Oogey*

    That’s some bad shit m’love .. xx

  • Lea

    ok, so some people commented in between me opening this page, then reading it, then commenting.

    My reply was to Calire Hewitt .. but eurolush is also good…

  • This happened to MOTY when she had her breast reconstruction.

    She ended up going into a hyperbaric chamber to heal the site super quick. It wasn’t nearly as awesome as it sounded, just a heap of old people with weeping leg uclers sitting around comparing surgeries.

    Needless to say MOTY thought it was heaven.

    • I witnessed one of those old people gatherings in the waiting room at physio a few weeks back. It wasn’t pretty.

  • paola

    Oh honey. Words fail me. Good words at least. Hope you are sitting home by now surrounded by love!

    On a total different subject (forgive me) is that THE Eurolush? I’ve tried to email her without success … if it is … email me please.

  • Oh, I would want the most mundane of lives after that too. And pain free as well.

  • C

    Best wishes, my goodness for having gone thru so much, your humour via pinterest has me crying tears, thanks, I am in awe of you

    • Oh thank you so much. If you can’t laugh during times of adversity… and laughter through tears is the best emotion.

  • That pinterest board is brilliant!
    We had a sign in our dining room in December:

    Hope you’re on the mend.

  • Staph. Shit, that is not fun. Good luck with getting home soon, and thanks for the pinterest links.

  • If you end up in hospital again I am going to personally come back to Sydney and see to it that those bastards get it right. And I’ll be wearing the green tourettes t-shirt from you pinterest board (it still cracks me up when I think of it). Bring on July, we have lots to catch up on IN PERSON. woot.x

  • OH my goodness, I just checked out your pinterest board. I’ve just had surgery, and you made me laugh so hard my stitches nearly burst, so painfull, so funny, hard to stop….