Fat runner no more. Everyone, meet Pete

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Pete marvelling at my fudoobadahs

Everyone, meet Pete. Pete the Trainer.

Pete has me back on my feet and sweating up a storm. But get this, there is not a treadmill in sight. No running (yet), no grapevines, and no rooms filled with mirrors and dance music. Instead I’m lifting weights, like, on a barbell. Like a weightlifter. Like WOW.

I’m talking in short sentences because I’m just kind of blown away. My energy levels and mood are probably the most stable they’ve been my entire adult life. And I’ve only been doing this for three weeks.

The focus here is on slow and steady strength and mobility training so that my body doesn’t break down from fatigue and injury. I work with Pete for an hour every Wednesday and then head back into the gym twice during the week on my own to follow a program Pete has created for me. We’re covering diet (NOTE TO SELF: STOP SMUG EATING), sleep, stress and how my body’s coping/feeling after the sessions.

He’s all over me like a rash our Pete so it’s pretty darn lucky he’s easy on the eye.



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November 15th, 2012 at 10:39 pm

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