Points of order

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I started back at CrossFit last week. This week I did back squats and reverse lunges with 30kg weight-lifting bar thingy on my back. I’m feeling empowered and it has done MIRACLES to my energy levels. Let’s not talk about the STILL aching pain running the entire outer length of my right leg.

I taught my first Blogging for Beginners class at Sydney Writers Centre last week. I was hellaciously nervous and there are some things I’ll change in terms of format but I was happy (ie relieved) with the content.

Jasper and Felix VOLUNTARILY and SPONTANEOUSLY played a game together last night which did NOT end in tears or fighting. Mark that in your diaries will you?

We seem to be gripped by some sort of ginger obsession here at the moment and in perhaps not unrelated news the cold that had been hanging around most of us has dissipated.



Mum’s just back from a cruise with one of her sisters, Aunty C. Another sister, Aunty J, and her husband were also meant to go but Aunty J ended up in hospital just days before they were set to go. She is still there and today they have put her on life support. This is one of those times your world gets sucked up into a bizarre vortex where life keeps going but you’re somehow not moving at all. Thoughts, prayers, virginal sacrifices, sacrificial goats, whatever takes your fancy, you know what to do.




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November 9th, 2012 at 10:16 pm

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