the allconsuming Christmas shopping guide 2012

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Apparently it’s 45 days until Christmas. This generally means it’s 43 days until I start my Christmas shopping but this year I thought I’d mix it up and THINK about gifts as opposed to buying what was left on the shelf.

Who’d turn down a tardis rubdown?

Magnum Pi. Geddit?

Lightsaber iceblock moulds. What is not to love?

The 11th Dr Who sonic screwdriver. I basically will need four of these.

All the above are from Think Geek

T-shirts of awesome from dpcted:

I want this for me!


For Chef


I have a longstanding love for the humour and illustrations of Jason Sweeney:

Even titmice think it’s funny


I don’t get it myself, but apparently this is totally necessary (it’s a Razer Mamba gaming mouse) (apparently):

I call this $169 of why.

And that’s just for starters.



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