Fat runner no more. Everyone, meet Pete

Pete marvelling at my fudoobadahs

Everyone, meet Pete. Pete the Trainer.

Pete has me back on my feet and sweating up a storm. But get this, there is not a treadmill in sight. No running (yet), no grapevines, and no rooms filled with mirrors and dance music. Instead I’m lifting weights, like, on a barbell. Like a weightlifter. Like WOW.

I’m talking in short sentences because I’m just kind of blown away. My energy levels and mood are probably the most stable they’ve been my entire adult life. And I’ve only been doing this for three weeks.

The focus here is on slow and steady strength and mobility training so that my body doesn’t break down from fatigue and injury. I work with Pete for an hour every Wednesday and then head back into the gym twice during the week on my own to follow a program Pete has created for me. We’re covering diet (NOTE TO SELF: STOP SMUG EATING), sleep, stress and how my body’s coping/feeling after the sessions.

He’s all over me like a rash our Pete so it’s pretty darn lucky he’s easy on the eye.



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  • There’s nothing quite like finding the workout that works for you. You are looking fabulous and as you know I’m a huge fan of finding the elusive stable mood! Go with it and the food will plateau out (says she) … and helloooooo there, Pete!

  • Dude! This is fantastic! I will take weights over cardio any day. There is something about MUSCLES, you know? Finding out I had them and wanting to keep them is what has kept me (mostly) on track. Plenty of time for running later.

    • It is a complete revelation. I said to Pete that I never “got” people who were into weighlifting. I mean, WHY? But now, now I totally get it. It’s the sense of being powerful, of your entire body working – it’s such a different ‘thing’.

  • OMG look at the muscles in your arms. Go you!

    I’ve been working out with a trainer since July or so, and it has made a huge difference–my moods and sleep are better, I feel much more solid and much less squishy, and when I need to get something out of the base cabinets in my kitchen, I instinctively go into a squat, instead of bending over at the waist.


    • The mood stabilisation has been the best outcome BY FAR. And everything else you said? Just YES. Much less squishy, SQUATS!, being capable of so much more physically than I ever thought I would be (I am, it appears, actually very strong). I think everyone needs a Pete.

  • Mrs WOOG

    Mr W swears by it. X

  • Ooh, I will watch your progress with interest. I’m quite taken with the idea of being a weightlifter.

  • I do love a pump class. It’s my FAVOURITE. When I can see the muscles in my arms? Makes me happy. Have just gone back to them. Also, I can carry a 12 month old, 12kg pram and associated baggage up and down 5 flights of stairs TWICE.

    • never underestimate the power of incidental exercise.

  • Paola

    Well, I don’t do weightlifting as our gym is sized for a Barbie but I do my cardio/stretch routine and it’s the only thing that saves me from committing suicide here in the winter.

    • I totally understand and believe you. So important.

  • Katie Rainbird

    Guns! Bust out the embellished party season singlet tops 🙂

    • YES! And I have NEVER felt comfortable or confident in wearing the sleeveless top.

  • Dude! I’ve been wondering how it’s going for you. How totally addictive is Crossfit??? Kimmy you’ve lost like 50 guts! So fantastic, oh and happy birthday xxx