12 days to 40: Day 2 (4 days late)

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On Day 2 of the 12 days to 40 is all praise for the concept of “gainful employ”.

Back in June a friend asked if I’d be interested in her putting my name forward for a journo gig she’d been doing for the previous 18 months. I said yes even though I was hurtling downwards into the deep dark hole with slippery walls and moist dirt that would fall in on me when I tried to claw my way out. It was on a really interesting subject (the environment) for a reputable news agency, was two days a week and done from home. Basically my dream job.

And here I am, one psychotic episode and four months later LOVING IT. People, I LOVE MY JOB. It is so so interesting. I mean, as a head of one of our states environmental protection agencies said to me today, climate change and environmental issues are going to affect and impact every single aspect of our government, business, culture, daily lives. It is important, it is complex, it is hard. I adore it. I was talking to him about a meeting that has just happened with the upper echelons of govt and business. A first for Australia. It doesn’t sound like much does it, but that meeting symbolises something so much bigger. Any environmental scientist will tell you that our current structures of government and regulation are not designed for nor, will cope with, the challenges that climate change is throwing at us. We need agencies working across topics, states working to one policy (curiously climate doesn’t pay any heed to state borders or property boundaries), local, state and federal govt working homogenously if we really are to adapt to and mitigate climate change impacts.

Oh look, you caught me monologuing.

I have a LONG way to go – some court reports still stump me but do you know what a kick getting reading the first bit going “WHAT?” to then being able to go “AHA”. Or not agreeing with a judgement but reading the report and appreciating the judge’s process in reaching that conclusion. Also – some companies and individuals really are gob-smackingly mercenary. Or stupid. Sometimes decisions are really harsh. Unfair even. But there is always reason. It’s been a real eye-opener for me.

There is something else about work, that thing it does for your sense of self and sense of worth. I thought I’d feel resentment and resignation but instead feel proud and valued. I can SEE I am good at something that I enjoy AND I get financially rewarded for it. FOR.THE.WIN.

Oh there are days I can not find my mojo, where a story takes me forever and other days when I can pump copy out. How refreshingly normal.


So there you go, I treasure it and am blessed with it. How indebted I am to J for putting my name forward in the first place.





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