New Favourite

I started today feeling weary to my core. I’ve got a dumb cold making me feel miserable, my back/legs is/are still stupidly constantly sore, I had a stack of work to do and a whole new never-done-anything-like-it-before project happening mid-week. Throw into that the manic Monday Mum’s taxi gymnastics run 500 times for 3 different children and I was really really struggling. As all of the kids are now in bed (well, except for Felix who’s hanging with his mates online listening to really bad music) I can say: I may have the lead story tomorrow even though some very important person strung me along all day and still didn’t end up granting me an interview; I got AWESOME feedback on my materials for the never-done-anything-like-it-before project; I got four loads of washing done AND sorted AND put away; and we had the most incredibly good (if I might say so myself) lasagne for dinner. Funny isn’t it. The hardest of days ended up being awesome. Go figure.

Anyway, some more awesome, the first via the mighty Blackbird staring down Sandy:

That whole marching band ‘THING’? NOTHING like that exists in Australia. It’s awesome. In a completely dorky kinda way.

And this via Dooce:



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  • SawHole

    Go you!

    • Thanks bloss, I just put one foot in front of the other and made it!

  • Love the Gangnam Style done marching band style!
    Makes me miss home!
    And the best part is, most of those band members get to go to college free of charge…on full scholarships, just like their football counterparts. Pretty cool.

    Glad you hard day turned into an awesome day.

  • Fiona Ell

    I watched the ladybugs and thought of your day. They were so clumsy and awkward, wings crumpled, shaken loose and stretched out and off they went with style and success. Glad your shabby start was nothing more than a jumping point into a successful day. Onward indeed!

    • The unfurling of those black wings just kill me.

  • I knew I loved Ladybugs for a reason. They’re so kind of gorgeous and whimsical but then, they’re little legs just sticking out the back as they fly make them seem…a bit vulnerable and goofy. I want to say human but that can’t be what I mean…or can it?

    And I, for one, have NEVER underestimated the power of a good lasagne.

    • The way those black wings unfurl, nature is awesome. And at one point I made this sound which said “it is ridiculous how good this tastes” and Felix just said, “I know”. It was just a great ending to a mecurial day.

  • Heeeeeyyyyy, sexy lady….

  • Thank you for putting that song back into my head. Gotta say, it is quite catchy. I’ll show my girls the marching band clip tonight, they’ll love it.

  • Nowhere does a marching band like America :). And the ladybird! who would have thought? Congratulations on making your day such a success.

  • The gangnam style…it’s so popular worldwide! They look so cute. 🙂

  • Katie Rainbird

    Hi Kim,

    If the midweek project was tonight in The Blue Room then you aced it!

    I’ve read you awhile & consider you ‘up there’ so I was stoked to have two hours of your time. Lucky moi!

    Thanksamillion, I’m all fire in the belly 🙂

    • Oh well you’ll keep! Thank you so much – and thank you for being one of the first cabs off the rank.

  • Hope the days have been continuing thus, especially lasagna-wise. I have yet to make an edible one, must try harder etc But wanted to ask… why do some really demanding days just flow and others that look much simpler become… disastrous?? Why is that? And why is one day so different to the next kid-wise, why??

    • Dude, that’s up there with questions about the cosmos. Monday here? Great. Tuesday? Clusterfuck of the highest order.

  • Haven’t been to your site for a while so catching up on lots of reading and I’m so thrilled you are loving your job and they are loving you (of course). Awesome!