Innocence: exterminated

Jasper: Mum, is Santa not really real and just the mums and dads buy the presents?

Me: (aghast/faux horror): What?

Jasper: Just tell me.

Me: What!?!

Jasper: Is Santa not real and you and Dad buy the presents.

Me: Who told you that?

Jasper: Just tell me.

Me: If we talk about this you have to promise me you say nothing to Grover.

Jasper: nods

Me: nods


Jasper: So can you buy me the remote control dalek.

Innocence: exterminated.



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  • I dread the day my kids work this out. For me Christmas is all about the glory of two months of being able to say “if you don’t do _____, Santa won’t bring you _____”. I will grieve the loss of that forever.

  • Ugh. Dread rising at the thought of this convo with my Jake,6.

    1. Because he so strongly & earnestly, believes.
    2. And he’ll then question everything else we’ve ever told him.

    Yep, he’s that kinda kid.

    Hopefully, can stave this off till at least 8.

    Wish me luck!

    Gabs x

  • Linda

    when my daughter asked that question my response was
    ‘santa only leaves presents for those who believe in him’
    ‘if you don’t believe he will not visit you’
    when she asked again i gave the same reply…..over and over and over and over

    she eventually got the hidden message and gave me a huge smile and said “oh i believe, i believe and i am going to ask him for a ….’

    we had the same conversations with our sons. their big sister help reinforced the message that santa only leaves presents IF YOU BELIEVE. non-believers miss out.

    the little blossoms are 33, 22 and 21 and they constantly remind us that ‘they believe’.

    we were able to give them a little bit of magic and now they give the magic back to us (oops i mean, santa)

    (one day i will tell you about the response i gave when asked by my 7yo daughter ‘what does oral sex mean’…..

  • Yes!
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  • Kill

    I’m with Linda. Believe and you will receive worked for her last year.

  • Paola

    Clever little rascal.