15 years ago this happened:









Last week we thought we’d recreate one of the pictures to mark the event:

It has been quite the ride.

There hasn’t been the travel I dreamed of, or the overseas working scenario. There hasn’t been the financial freedom or security I thought I’d have and we’re certainly not living in the house I ever imagined for us.

Instead I have a partner who makes me laugh every day. A man who is not scared of my darkest of days, well, maybe he is scared but he doesn’t run away. A partner who will just hug me and tell me it will be OK. A husband who loves me no matter what.

And that, quite frankly, is better and bigger than anything I ever dreamed of.

FIFTEEN years. Wow.


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  • that is SO sweet. made me teary.

    Beautiful bride…

    • I was glowing. Both because it was something like 36 degrees and I was 16 weeks preggers with the Ogga boy.

  • del

    Congratulations. 15 years is awesome. Your wedding looks like it was heaps of fun and I love how you have re-created your wedding pic. Enjoy another 15 billion more years of love and fun. xo
    del recently posted..Record Attempt Update

    • It was so.much.fun. Organised in 10 weeks, just 50 of our closest family and friends, 16 weeks (or so) pregnant with Oscar. It was joyous.

  • Beautiful post Kim – gave me goosebumps.

    Happy Anniversary lovers!


  • brilliant
    tracy recently posted..The End

  • How fabulous that the love that shone in those early pics is still beaming strongly. What a beautiful story – here’s to the next fifteen fabulous years.

  • Gorgeous! 16 weeks pregnant, hey? That means that you conceived Oscar at about the same time that Greg and I got together/started dating/whatever the current terminology for that is. There was something good in the water in mid ’97. Congrats to you two. xx
    Amelia recently posted..Pillows for Pre-School

  • Nat

    LOVE this post!! Made me teary and happy at the same time xx

  • Megan

    Happy Anniversary. True love beaming out of those pics. x

  • Happy anniversary Kim! Wishing you lots more years of love.
    Sarah recently posted..Three.

  • Congrats to you both.
    Matthew Gain recently posted..Should the NRL do away with cheerleaders?

  • Paola

    How wonderful, you were glowing indeed and I see why! Love for your soul mate and love inside your belly.
    It’s a ride for everyone but when there is such love everything can be faced with strength because you’re not alone!
    Happy Day!

  • chubbylove

    Happy Anniversary to the family we miss everyday. Love to be popping a bottle of the sparkling shiraz with you today.

  • Happy Anniversary. You both look gorgeous and beyond happy.
    SawHole recently posted..5 Treatments for Bipolar Depression You May Not Know—Yet

  • ‘A husband who loves me no matter what’. That certainly is bigger and better than many women can dream of and such a blessing, as is a strong relationship that can ride out the hairpin turns, the big dips and peaks, and provide laughs every day.

    Happy Anniversary Kim.
    alison recently posted..Drum roll please

  • Linda

    all you need is love

    happy anniversary

  • What a wonderful thing.
    And, may I say, your outfits are as gorgeous today as they were then. This is no small feat.
    Congratulations on both accomplishments.
    blackbird recently posted..It’s Thursday

    • Well you’ll keep.
      Thank you bloss, it really is quite remarkable and something I deeply treasure and am immeasurably proud of.

  • Seems like a lifetime ago I am sure…. Wow!! xo
    Tahlia @ the parenting files recently posted..story telling

  • Jackie

    Gorgeous pics Kim! I particularly love the photo where you are leaning back onto Chef laughing, while (I’m guessing ) he is giving his speech. So natural, just beautiful!

    • Funny story about that – Chef does NOT like public speaking and he stood up and it was SO BAD that I went, oh that’ll do and he sat STRAIGHT down. This was one of the 45 seconds he was standing up.

  • Beautiful – you, Chef and this post.
    You’re both lucky to have each other and that kind of love.
    Congratulations. xx

  • Laura

    Happy Anniversary you beautiful couple!