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It’s been a little quiet around these parts hey. It’s about seven weeks since my cipramil-triggered psychotic episode. It’s about five weeks since my metformin-induced anxiety and when the shakes arrived. It’s three weeks since I started Starvation September. It’s two and a half weeks since my back packed it in.

So where are we.

The depression is medicated and has dissipated nicely. The shakes finely stopped at some stage over the weekend. I’m 3.5kg lighter and the back is about 80% better.

There will be no Tough Mudder for me this weekend. I was secretly holding onto it when I finally accepted that if a car drive to the Mall (15 minutes away) is excruciating then perhaps the 1.5hr drive to the event was a big enough pipe dream, let alone completing the 16km course.

Curiously I’m not as upset as I thought I would be. I think because the pain has been so tangible. I mean, last Friday I sat at my desk – and could sit at my desk relatively pain free – for the first time in two weeks. I still find sitting really difficult and painful for any extended (as in more than 10 minutes) period of time.

Apparently there’s going to be another TM event in February so that is now on my horizon.

I am indebted to Ash and my friend Sarah for recommending a chiro who also does acupuncture. The acupuncture has been so effective and also remarkably telling in terms of revealing just how much tension I’ve been holding in my body.

Starvation September has seen me return to a way of living/eating I was following before I had kids. I basically follow a low-GI diet in which I don’t eat carbs with fat or protein. Way back when I religiously followed the book Dine Out and Lose Weight (what, we were a dual income no kids couple) which has now morphed into the Montignac Method. It works for me (clearly) so I’m just back on the horse.

There’s other stuff but that’ll do for now.



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September 20th, 2012 at 7:31 pm