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On Saturday I woke in a panic as per usual. I must stay, feeling jittery and on edge all the time is really really boring AND exhausting. But it was bootcamp day so off I went, shaky and all. I saw the WOD (workout of the day – I KNOW) and just felt beaten. There was no way. We started and Trainer Pete caught my eye and was all YEAH! as he likes to be, so naturally I burst into tears on him. Klassy.

I had a big sob and then went on to do the whole thing. Yeah, I know.

I’m a week in on Starvation September (I started on 30 August because I am THAT keen) and my GOD is my body cranky at me for taking away the lovely refined carbs.

It’s showing its anger by taking out my back on Sunday night. Now some would say that timing is a bit dubious, what with it being father’s day and all but out it went.

Monday was spent working on the floor on a yoga mat. Yesterday was spent on the floor with heat packs and doing the gentle exercises I’m meant to do. There was a trip to the GP where I procured more Celebrex – yes, totally getting in touch with my inner geriatric.

Then, at around 6:30 last night, it set. Like concrete.

Back pain and tooth-ache are in the same family as far as I’m concerned – excruciating and debilitating. The only way back trumps tooth is that it physically incapacitates you as well. Life with four kids and not being able to bend, sit, pick things up, move is god awful.

At 3am this morning I woke from the pain. Poor Chef, if his wife isn’t going batshit crazy she’s whinging about her back. Off to the hospital we went where a jab in the arse with a strong anti-inflammatory, some panadeine forte (sweet sweet codeine) and endone (sweet sweet morphine derivative) meant I could move with pain sitting at around 6 rather than eleventy gagillion out of 10.

We got home just in time to get Oscar up for school and then all the rest of them.


I refuse to accept this could put me out of the running of completing Tough Mudder. Refuse.

Hilariously, my team-mate Bronwyn has just been told she is so anaemic she’s beyond a shot of iron or supplement but will probably need an infusion and has to see a haematologist.

What a fine pair we make.



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September 5th, 2012 at 3:18 pm