Well hello there stranger.

It’s been a little quiet around these parts hey. It’s about seven weeks since my cipramil-triggered psychotic episode. It’s about five weeks since my metformin-induced anxiety and when the shakes arrived. It’s three weeks since I started Starvation September. It’s two and a half weeks since my back packed it in.

So where are we.

The depression is medicated and has dissipated nicely. The shakes finely stopped at some stage over the weekend. I’m 3.5kg lighter and the back is about 80% better.

There will be no Tough Mudder for me this weekend. I was secretly holding onto it when I finally accepted that if a car drive to the Mall (15 minutes away) is excruciating then perhaps the 1.5hr drive to the event was a big enough pipe dream, let alone completing the 16km course.

Curiously I’m not as upset as I thought I would be. I think because the pain has been so tangible. I mean, last Friday I sat at my desk – and could sit at my desk relatively pain free – for the first time in two weeks. I still find sitting really difficult and painful for any extended (as in more than 10 minutes) period of time.

Apparently there’s going to be another TM event in February so that is now on my horizon.

I am indebted to Ash and my friend Sarah for recommending a chiro who also does acupuncture. The acupuncture has been so effective and also remarkably telling in terms of revealing just how much tension I’ve been holding in my body.

Starvation September has seen me return to a way of living/eating I was following before I had kids. I basically follow a low-GI diet in which I don’t eat carbs with fat or protein. Way back when I religiously followed the book Dine Out and Lose Weight (what, we were a dual income no kids couple) which has now morphed into the Montignac Method. It works for me (clearly) so I’m just back on the horse.

There’s other stuff but that’ll do for now.



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  • Fiona

    Good to see you back. TM will wait!

  • Welcome back! Glad things are sorting themselves out…
    Dorothy @ Singular Insanity recently posted..The great pantry upheaval of 2012 – Part 2 – the horrors!

  • Glad to hear life is being a little kinder to you. Lovely to see a post from you, hon x
    What Sarah Did Next recently posted..Music for Monday….

  • Aww Kim, no thanks necessary. So happy that it worked out for you! Now, let’s work on that next 20% and you won’t know yourself xxx

  • Mrs WOOG

    Missed you chicken x

  • It is such a good time of year to focus on your health – spring and sun in Virgo…good luck with everything 🙂
    Sara Foley recently posted..Apsaras – Angels of Asia

  • So great to hear “your voice”. Have been checking my RSS feed rather religiously to see if there’d been an update. xxx
    Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right recently posted..You know you’re getting old when no one wants your body

  • SawHole

    I am glad you are better. Onward. Big hugs.

  • good to hear things are on the up and up.
    Julie recently posted..Class Act

  • I know you probably don’t want to hear from me,but I have been thinking about you too. Glad you are heading out the other side

    Take care
    Pixie recently posted..What annoyed me most……

  • Laura

    Welcome Back Kim! I missed you. Glad things are better. Take care of yourself.

  • Paola

    You’er back! Always a pleaure to read. Happy you are better!

  • I thought of you over the weekend when I was attempting to do a TM boot camp in our back yard, and seeing the pics on twitter of the TM going on. Sad for you that you couldn’t do this one, but the next isn’t too far away. I hope by Feb you’re feeling stronger. Take care.
    carohutchison recently posted..Skimming the surface