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The London Olympics are drawing to a close so what better time to examine what sports should be in and what sports should be relegated to the scrap heap of “clearly requires physical skill and endurance but just no”. Before we get started let’s revisit an example of what was the best part of Australian Olympic coverage before Channel 9 won the rights and butchered it to pieces and threw it in the crock pot:

Here is the list as it stands:

Olympian list of olympic sports


Here’s what we need to consider in deciding what stays and what goes – history and stupidity.

My list of what goes:

  • Synchronised swimming (its a performance. Yes, it requires you to be fit but it is
  • Badminton
  • Boxing (we’re really awarding medals to people inflicting brain injuries on others?)
  • BMX (I mean, COME ON)
  • Equestrian (no other sport involves you using an animal – if we follow this logic then sheepdog trials should be on the list)
  • Football (hello, WORLD CUP – football is so needy, it’s just me me me all the time)
  • Golf (are you for real – it’s in for Rio)
  • Handball (FFS – I mean, let’s just throw in elastics and hopscotch while we’re at it)
  • Table tennis (it’s PING PONG)
  • Tennis (again, such a needy spotlight hugging sport)
  • Volleyball (an ABSOLUTE joke)


Your thoughts?




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