A serious of events

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Today I felt a little ‘off’ all day. A bit, well, manic. Not overly, just a quiet internal quickening of the cogs.

There was Felix’s semi-final – that deserves a happy post all of its own.

Then home and Oscar’s best friend Josh coming over to hang out.

I made everyone garlic bread and opened packets of junk food for them with soft drink. I KNOW, I am such a hostess.

I popped a rolled shoulder of pork into the oven for dinner – up high for half an hour and then down to about 100C for 6 long slow hours of cooking.

Then I vacuumed the house and cleaned up the lounge room.

A load of washing went on.

I prepped some baby beetroots and carrots and they went into the oven for a long slow cook too.

Throughout this there was, you know, the standard life of many children and not enough electronic devices or multiples of particular toys in demand.

Then I made strawberry jam.

And lemon butter.

Chunks of cauliflower went into the oven to roast.

By then it was time for Josh to go home and holy crap it was dinner time.

And I got all panicky that dinner was so late and none of the boys would eat it anyway.

So Chef took over and made some delicious creamed spinach to go with it all.

Everyone ate dinner.

And loved it.

And it was actually DELICIOUS.

I noticed the strawberry jam was too thin so back into the pot it went. So I thought – I know what I’ll give Joke’s oven method a try.

Except I couldn’t find his recipe and stupid things like international time differences meant he wasn’t around so I did a bit of a google search and then just winged it.

You know where this is going yeah?

I kind of forget about it. If by ‘forget about it’ you mean really forget about it until you can smell burning sugar.

The ENTIRE base of the oven was covered in molten strawberry sugar. The jam, miraculously, is FINE. Not tainted with the smoke that the entire house now is.

Then I made some roasted carrots (the ones I put in with the baby beets) and pine nuts hoummous.

* And then I knew I had to deal with the oven because I still had to make a cake or some muffins or something for the boys’ lunchboxes tomorrow.

I pull the oven trays out and survey the wreckage of the internals. Then I notice something wrong with the door.

So Chef get’s the whole door off for me, we find the screw that’d come out and I pull the whole thing apart to clean it as, well, you do.

And I clean the inside of the oven – that lava-esque quality of charred sugar syrup is quite something huh.

* And then we put the whole oven back together again.

And then I whip up a batch of meringues using the egg whites left over from the lemon butter.

And hung out two loads of washing.

Somewhere between those two * I go to my bag for something and discover the little box of my tablets I was meant to take this morning when we went to Felix’s rugby. I hadn’t taken them because I’d only just taken my thyroid meds and I need to leave an hour after those before eating anything and then take all my other morning tablets – all basically expendable except the TINY LITTLE BLUE ONE.

Can you hear my head hitting the desk over and over again?

I totally forgot to take them because the game was so exciting and then, well, just go back to the top of this post for the rest of the reasoning.

Anyway, there were loads of pictures of all I made today to intersperse through this but OF COURSE my phone and ‘puter won’t talk to each other and I’m just not willing to go down another whole rat hole.

It’s midnight. I’m going to bed now.




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August 20th, 2012 at 12:03 am