Stuff ‘n nonsense

The morning routine

6am up, shower, get dressed

Get Oscar up, showered, dressed – how easy those five words sound

Take thyroid meds

Breakfast for Oscar, lunches for everyone, dishwasher emptied, first load of washing on (if it didn’t got on while Oscar was in the shower)

7am Oscar out the front ready for his transport – I really try to have us out there after one particularly foul neighbour once berated our previous driver for tooting his horn at such an early hour.

Back inside someone else is normally up by now – breakfast rounds, more getting dressed scenarios, sometimes I even get to sneak a sit down snuggle with little people here.

Sometime in here is finally an hour since I took my thyroid meds and I can have breakfast and a cup of tea. Take my 500 other drugs.

7:30 Felix out the door

I have no idea what happens to the next almost hour and a half but I do know it rarely involves me sitting down relaxing. First load of washing gets hung out.

8:50 Jasper to school and Grover to pre-school on Mon – Wed

Second load of washing hung out



I then worked, part of which involved talking to two scientists about marine climate environment for just over an hour. Have I mentioned how much I love this job of mine? LOVE.

This afternoon was then Felix to rugby to play with the As – he was so chuffed to be called up (a certain number of players can play up or down in the comp as reserves for teams who are down players). While they lost (OH BOY they were so gutted, it was heart wrenching) the coach said he was really pleased with him, that he did what he asked him to do and he’ll be asking for him in their reserve line-up for the finals games. His own Division 2 team have their first semi-final on Sunday. I’m already tense. Have I mentioned how much Felix loves his rugby and how much we therefore do too?

But my GOD it was cold. Our home field is on the hill heading up to the Bilgola Bends with stunning views out over the ocean – lovely in summer with cooling ocean breezes I imagine. Baltic in winter.

From there we had major special treat of produce from a Trans Fat Food Giant and then headed up to the Aquatic Centre in the hope of seeing Felix’s best mate play his second game ever of water polo. We arrived just in time to see them leaving the building. Not to worry, another time.


9:55 – three children only went to bed about half an hour ago.  I’ve sorted and put away some of the three loads of washing I also got done today but am now to bed.  I’m going to Tough Mudder Bootcamp in the morning. The first time in three weeks. I had a goal of not missing one session but my brain decided otherwise.


As you can probably tell I am feeling a WHOLE lot better. I am the poster child of how a very bad situation can be salvaged very quickly through excellent psychiatric care, a strong support network and some really good drugs. I can not believe where I was a week and a half ago and yet I so very can.


I need you all to know that your words of encouragement, your SUPPORT were a critical component to me getting through those hideous few days.

I realise now that those hideous few days had probably been brewing since Oscar was in hospital in May and that the psychotic episode triggered by a reaction to new medication was really just the straw that broke the camel’s back. I can see it so much clearer now just how much energy I was expending on keeping ‘it’, me, together over the last few months.


So here I am and yesiree, I am enough.



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  • Enough? No, you’re way better than that! So glad to hear you’re in a good place.
    Mandi recently posted..Almost There

  • yay! so glad to hear that!

    I love that we were probably putting away washing at the same time tonight – it had only been sitting there in piles for the past 3 days and I’ve walked around it!

    have a good weekend,
    corrie recently posted..what about elodie?

  • Yay and love. A x
    alison recently posted..Ordinary Homes and Gardens – Murray’s Place

  • You must be feeling better. It’d kill me to have to sit through a game of rugby!!

    How fantastic that you’re feeling so much better. Been thinking of you.
    Frogdancer recently posted..Snippets.

  • Whew!
    blackbird recently posted..Happy Birthday Oldest

  • would love to post a double thumbs up!! love a good rugby game meself!! question, did you know they played rugby at the end of ur road!!??
    Ruth recently posted..Stuff ‘n nonsense

  • jac

    The washing. THE WASHING.
    Glad to ‘hear’ your normal voice once more.

  • Paola

    A whole lot more than enough!
    I respect and admire you, Kim dear.

  • Denyse Whelan. Education Specialist

    Me too!
    Joining the ‘I am enough’ club!
    Well-done you, looking back is where I see what happened too.
    Great News from you!
    I’ve scored a job too, that’s putting me back where I love…schools! With NSW teachers institute my work will be “as needed” as an External Observer for those teachers wanting accreditation up to leadership level. Feeling so “chuffed” to continue being relevant! D x
    Denyse Whelan. Education Specialist recently posted..Back To Where I Belong.

  • YES.
    Kathy recently posted..Unwinding the despair spiral

  • Having revisited a Bad Place recently myself, I know how you feel. I’m so glad you’re back on top managing things …life is hard work sometimes but the benefits are also rewarding. We have to hang on to the good stuff, and you are doing just that!

  • So glad to hear you’re feeling better. Despite the laundry!
    We had snow here yesterday, crazy. But we didn’t need to stand out in it!
    We’re a water polo family, so I hope Felix’s mate enjoyed his game. It lovely you tried to get there to watch! That’s something I wouldn’t have considered doing (I guess because my Mum wouldn’t ever have taken me) so you’re now an accidental role model too. Add it in to your busy day…
    The Accidental Housewife recently posted..Harnesses

  • Wonderful to hear you’re feeling better. I can relate to the never-ending piles of washing too; there’s always some to do in our house as well!

    Awesome news re. the job too – so happy for you!
    What Sarah Did Next recently posted..A Bledisloe Cup to remember…

  • Pia

    So pleased to hear life is back to normal and teh job is working out so well for you and goving you some special time for you

  • Laura

    You rock! Love to you and your family.

  • ErinH

    You’re bloody marvelous!