New Favourite

It seems fitting for the crazy lady to post some videos about cats. That and I think Blackbird will appreciate it. Actually as will quite a few of my friends! Jane. I suspect you will chortle deeply at this.

Behold, Henri:

and one more with feeling:

and three times the charm:


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  • Jane

    I’ve seen these. I LOVE them. Not just because Henri looks like Scazz. Who has a similar internal monologue: “She feeds me what I demand, but only to appease her guilt for never being here. She buys me toys, constantly. I refuse to play with them until 3am when I know the noise will wake her. I make her open the balcony door every morning and then sit inside, never actually going outside. That I have to remind her to do it is why I wake her at 3am.”

  • Brilliant. Just brilliant.

    (I didn’t know you were crazy btw. It sounded to me like you were/are simply exhausted.)

    alison recently posted..Make a moai- belong, live longer

  • – and as they are French, I find them tedious.
    Funny, but tedious.
    blackbird recently posted..some videos while you wait

  • Nicky

    This is so good. He has caputured the essence of cat. Deeply unsatisfied and bored shitless most of the time.