Sports and nonsense

The London Olympics are drawing to a close so what better time to examine what sports should be in and what sports should be relegated to the scrap heap of “clearly requires physical skill and endurance but just no”. Before we get started let’s revisit an example of what was the best part of Australian Olympic coverage before Channel 9 won the rights and butchered it to pieces and threw it in the crock pot:

Here is the list as it stands:

Olympian list of olympic sports


Here’s what we need to consider in deciding what stays and what goes – history and stupidity.

My list of what goes:

  • Synchronised swimming (its a performance. Yes, it requires you to be fit but it is
  • Badminton
  • Boxing (we’re really awarding medals to people inflicting brain injuries on others?)
  • BMX (I mean, COME ON)
  • Equestrian (no other sport involves you using an animal – if we follow this logic then sheepdog trials should be on the list)
  • Football (hello, WORLD CUP – football is so needy, it’s just me me me all the time)
  • Golf (are you for real – it’s in for Rio)
  • Handball (FFS – I mean, let’s just throw in elastics and hopscotch while we’re at it)
  • Table tennis (it’s PING PONG)
  • Tennis (again, such a needy spotlight hugging sport)
  • Volleyball (an ABSOLUTE joke)


Your thoughts?




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  • Ha ha love your thinking. I agree that Channel 9 should be blacklisted from ever having the Olympics ever again. Hmm…do enjoy the Volleyball but agree on all the rest. It’s just a shame that channel 9 didn’t show us all the other sports….not necessarily played by the Aussies!!!!!
    Anne Smith recently posted..ANZACS

  • I agree but cannot decide what should be ditched.
    In the meantime, I shall gripe regarding having to sit thought one hour of programming each evening (last night was about The War) as done by the NBC Olympic team thereby pushing back televising the games!
    I had to sit through WW2 so I could see diving at midnight.
    That is just wrong.
    blackbird recently posted..random

  • Steph

    Synchronised swimming has to go based alone on the ridiculousness of the faces they pull. BMX should stay because the spectacular crashes they have when they stack it on the bumpy bits are entertaining. And I agree re: equestrian, horses just aren’t meant to walk sideways like crabs – in time to music.

  • Alethea

    Definitely beach volleyball – not only because it’s a stupid concept but also because … those costumes! Really? My eight year old saw them and shouted that they were playing in their undies. What’s next, frisbee?

  • My osteopath has a theory that the lack of Roy and HG contributed to the lack of Australian gold medals in the first week as the athletes were all so wound up and didn’t have a release mechanism (cacking themselves to Roy and HG each night) to balance it out. I agree with golf, tennis, soccor and synchronised swimming (not suggesting for a moment that it isn’t bloody hard but agree it is a performance). Cannot agree with handball – I thought this was ace, LOVED the BMX and am sure that Nicole Kidman’s stunning film debut in BMX bandits had more than a little to do with it becoming a strong sport for Australia, and, though I cannot possibly justify it in any way, I loved both the equestrian events AND Lucinda Green, who is so fantastically posh and also very informative (I love Liz Chetkovich too).
    Julie recently posted..Things to do with woollens that you have accidentally felted. or What I made while watching the Olympics

  • Swear to God, EVERY SINGLE TIME I turned on the Olympics this go-round it was either swimming, diving or some variation on volleyball. OR it was some stupid non-Olympic special programming thing like the one blackbird mentioned above. The coverage here was a complete joke and I’m too grouchy about it to opine on which sports should be ditched, except that had there been no swimming, diving or volleyball I MIGHT have been able to see the stuff in which I was actually interested (track & field and gymnastics). Hmph.
    Kathy recently posted..Unwinding the despair spiral

  • OK, I watched the women’s high jump and thought to myself “If those women dedicate their lives to, you know, jumping as high as they can” and that’s actually considered to be an honourable goal then I’m now able to justify anything I want to do in my life – because compared to that NOTHING is more ridiculous. I mean honestly, they get a medal for being really good jumpers, and yet I question myself for wanting to write for a living?

    The more stupid the Olympic sport, the more strength it gives me to believe in what really matters – the ARTS.
    Eleanor recently posted..Success

  • Siobhan

    I am biased towards BMX – my husband was a world champion in his day – therefore, he would have been in the olympics, had they had it then!
    As for Volleyball – love it – also have 2 boys who play it!

    But I am with you on football, tennis, golf & the other sports which get their own, well publicised events on the world stage.

    However, I have newly discovered the dancing with balls in the rhythmic gymnastics and have been absolutely gobsmacked! I never knew such a thing existed (outside of Thailand!) Those girls are majorly talented!

  • Janet

    I disagree with you, especially after watching the strategy, strength and endurance involved in tennis, volleyball, badminton, and table tennis.

    My list of things that could be cut:

    Football (aka soccer)

  • Big Bro

    Having gone the the Cross Country segment of the 3-day equestrian event in Sydney, got to disagree on ditching the equestrian whole-sale. The skill an talent of both rider and horse was amazing. I will also go out on a limb and say it is the only sport in which men and women compete on equal footing with no segregation. For example in the 3-day event gold was taken by a man with silver and bronze going to women.

    That being said i fail to see the point of the dressage event, basically synchronized swimming on a horse! Now there is an idea….combine the two.

    • Jasmine

      Completely agree, Big Bro. It infuriates me when people say equestrian isn’t a sport. If any old person leapt upon even the best Olympic level horse they’d have a snowballs chance in hell of completing any of the three events.

      Horse and rider have to be completely in sync, put in hours of effort, and training. Riders put in years upon years of practice, and ludicrous amounts of training to get to the level they need to be at the olympics.

      A sport in its own right.

  • Sarah Ryan

    Handball is awesome did you see the men’s gold medal game? You will have to see a live game. It’s incredible.
    BMX loved it and so did the kids.
    Tennis for once to a certain degree they are not playing for money and a good tennis game is still good to watch.
    Sync swimming and golf can go but like watching the others.
    Afterall I am in a sports nut house!
    I love watching most of the Olympics and can’t wait to watch the Winter ones in 2 years!

  • Handball is AWESOME to watch.
    Fiona recently posted..Tomorrow

  • BEACH VOLLEYBALL! FFS. On Bondi, as a novelty sport I can put up with. In London? Just irrelevant and ridiculous. Their uniforms were outrageous; the swimmers wear more clothing. Definitely agree with ditching synchronised swimming, tennis, golf and soccer (they have enough!) and dressage. Table tennis and handball is ok I think, and my kids loved BMX riding and were playing at it all weekend with their friends 🙂
    Sara Foley recently posted..The Flightless Dragon

  • Hee hee, I love this post, but I have to confess that I actually am more interested in watching the more ridiculous sports. I find them really endearing. Those little nose toggles the synchronised swimmers use making them look a bit more like ducks. While we’re on bird life, I love the walkers’ bow-legged penguin waddle, although I always have the overwhelming the urge to whisper in their ears, ‘psst, if you run you’ll get there faster.’
    Cybele recently posted..Olympics Recap

  • Really Worried

    which sports do you put in then??

  • I reckon we should get back to the original olympics martial basis.
    Lifting heavy things – in
    Throwing far – in
    Swimming and running fast – in
    Riding horses cross country – in

    Making a horse crab sideways – out
    Faffing around with a ball on a mat – out
    Swimming with a mate to music – out

    Games that currently have world championships that mean more than the Olympics? Definitely out.

    And channel nine? OUT OUT OUT!!!