the allconsuming guide to everything: cleaning a teenage boy’s bedroom

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1. Don’t.

Seriously they’ll leave home eventually and as if you’re not fumigating, re-painting and ripping up the carpets when that happens. Just save yourself the heartache and cost of all those antihistamines.


If you

a) can’t help yourself,

b) need money for petrol/bread/milk,

c) can smell something worse than that heady mix of boy BO and Lynx, or

d) have not sighted the family’s beloved pet for a few days then:



Seriously, if it’s on the floor just wash it. I know it’s instinctive to just pick something up off the floor and sniff it but don’t. Repeat, back away from the smelling. Don’t question it, don’t doubt yourself, just wash it again.


You’re olfactory system will be forever grateful.





Written by allconsuming

July 24th, 2012 at 1:00 pm