So… how’d it go?

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Day 1 down. I really hit a low point in the 5 days leading up to it, the panic attacks reaching that point where at one stage I considered going to the hospital for some sort of calm-the-fuck-down drug. Stupid brain.

It was fine. Of course my editor does not expect me to know the nuances of environmental law and policy in Australia but it still irks me that I don’t. Yeah I know. IDIOT.

Today I’m writing for a publication on risk management. I am looking at interlocutory decisions on a court case. I had to look up ‘interlocutory’. This could take some time.

Naturally this week has descended into some sort of mania – yesterday was work, kids gymnastics and an interminable combined school music concert. You know the drill, sitting through hours of sub-par performances and MC-ing by irritating over-achievers who over-annunciate every.single.word. reading the script written for them by Mr G


all to then see your musically gifted child on stage for all of 3min 47sec.


There was a recorder ensemble playing Mexican music. I mean, there should be laws.



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July 31st, 2012 at 9:37 am

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