Comfort food: what’s your poison

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Chocolate Sludge

World peace imminent

Today I spoke about comfort food in my radio spot on ABC Mid North Coast. It seemed fitting considering how cold it is at the moment and that I basically look on any situation as one requiring comfort food. Yep, I take emotional eating to a whole new level.

My in-depth research* for the discussion turned up some expected and downright weird revelations.

Potatoes and carbs rated highly – higher than chocolate even. This makes sense because your brain releases buckets of cortisol when you’re stressed and that in turn makes you crave carbs.

It seems that if you love potato you love it any which way. Mashed, roasted, as a dauphinois, you name it – obviously if it’s mashed you need to have as much butter in it as humanly possible, same with the salt. If you melt the butter and heat the milk before adding to your mash it’ll be even lighter and fluffier. Promise.

Pasta got a few mentions – macaroni cheese in particular – but bread trumped it time and time again. And it seems that the more comfort you need the more pedestrian the bread needs to be. Sliced white bread topped with lashings of butter seems to be a real go-to for many of us.

Devon sandwiches

White bread, butter, devon, tomato sauce = happiness in my mouth

In fact, comfort food for many seems to fall to the cheap end of the stick:

  • sliced white bread
  • plastic sliced cheese
  • tinned spaghetti
  • baked beans
  • tinned tomato soup

to name a few.

The weird includes BabyMac‘s husband’s very own experiment to prove the Higgs Boson: take one bread roll, smear with vegemite AND peanut butter and then nuke in the microwave for 15-20 seconds.

Jodie from RicRac tried to convince me that slices of cream cheese topped with vegemite were a winner:

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Chips – either packet or hot – on white bread also featured.

Raisin toast – the crack of carbohydrates.

Pudding anything: lemon, chocolate, self-saucing, rice.

Mum’s roast, lentils, pudding, insert childhood memory here.

Mine are well established – anything with that white frosting bakeries make on top, jam rollettes, bread with quality butter, toast with lashings of butter and homemade jam, fried devon. Basically give me highly refined carbohydrates laden with fat and I’ll purr. Oh yes, there’s many many reasons I am Fat Runner.

So what’s your comfort food? What makes your whole body go ahhh and your brain think everything really will be alright.



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July 5th, 2012 at 12:48 pm