New favourite

I think it’s well established that my sense of humour is that of  a teenage boy. I watched Step Brothers again last night: Favourite non pornographic magazine to masturbate to? Good Housekeeping. I mean, how is that not funny?

Shae  and I share a love for all thing puerile and she sent me this last night. Needless to say, BESIDE myself.



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  • Megan

    Oh yes, I LOVE Will Ferrell. My husband even looks a little bit like him (especially in the film Elf!). He, of course, despite sharing the love for Will Ferrel is adamant that he looks nothing like him and gets shitty whenever anyone says it to him. To appease I have started calling him Jack Donaghey since his 40th b’day two weeks ago (much happier with that).

    ps. still chuckling about the b’day cake post – I would classify that as Will Ferrell level funny

  • I find Will Ferrell hit and miss…. however I did LOL when he punched that baby!


    That’s a date night movie if there ever was one.
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