The Voice: semi finals

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Well we’re really getting to the pointy end of the competition and I have to say this. A short reality TV program is a good reality TV program. Seriously, it’s rollicked along and BAM here were are, deciding the winner. I loike it. I loike it a lot.

Last night we went from eight contenders to four and let’s be frank, as Seal has said, the show is called ‘The Voice’ not ‘The Singer’ – we’ve seen lots of excellent singers on the show but few ‘voices’.

We said goodbye to

Ben Hazelwood The Voice Australia 2012

Val Kilmer, is that you?

Ben Hazelwood

Dianna Rouvas The Voice Australia 2012


Dianna Rouvas (a travesty but more on that later)

Fatai The Voice Australia 2012

Sixteen year old freakazoid voice of awesome

Fatai (SIXTEEN! The girl is going to be a superstar) and

Glenn Cunningham The Voice Austraila 2012

Justin Timberlake in disguise

Glenn Justin Timberlake Cunningham.

So Ben Hazelwood is this competition’s Shannon Noll. He’ll be the Triple M poster boy before you can slap a flanno on him and call him mate.

Dianna Rouvas will get a record deal and be the next Tina Arena. The girl can sing like no other, has spunk and a sense of humour. She’s going to be a star. Maybe not huge but a star all the same.

Fatai Veamatahau – SIXTEEN and the most incredible voice. She’s got a lifetime ahead of her, let’s just get her through school first.

Glenn Cunningham. Delta’s real-life back-up singer. The guy can sing but… he’s a back-up singer. And you know what, there’s really nothing wrong with that.


Dianna was the only one it was tragic to see go. I felt pained for Keith in making the decision and was happily offering up my ample bosom for him to nestle amongst while choosing between Dianna and Mr Percival but the writing was on the wall. Dianna deserved the final spot but Mr Percival has the sentimental vote and will probably win it. I suspect there’s some sort of cash bonus to judges if their contestant takes out the top prize so Mr Percival it was.


Who is this Mr Percival of which I speak?

Darren Percival The Voice Australia 2012

Mr Percival

So here we have Dad. Darren Percival. Look, he is a mahoosive crowd favourite and I copped a bit from strangers on Twitter for not singing his praises from the rooftops. The guy can sing. There is a nice timbre to his voice but really? Vanilla. So why so popular? Well he’s quite partial to shedding a tear and you can tell he is a good good guy. I call this the Damien Leith Syndrome. Clearly a lovely guy. Clearly can sing. Clearly outrageously normal in every way. We all warm to that. It tells our synapses that, ‘look! A good guy! Is winning! If he can do it…’ he gives us Hope. Seeing someone like Damien or Mr Percival make it gives us hope that in our everyday trudge something great is possible. That we too could be plucked from obscurity and lauded by all.

But he’s not the best in show.

She is:

Karise Eden The Voice 2012

The Voice

Karise Eden has a remarkable voice. I’ve heard it in real life in comparison to other finalists on the show and she outshines all of them. There is a “quality” to her voice which sets her apart. On the night I was there only one other had that same element and that was Fatai. Seal can pick them. Creepy lizard eyes and inappropriately long holds and or gazes aside.

Mind you, Sarah De Bono is a belter:

Sarah De Bono The Voice 2012 Team Joel

A belter

She can knock a song out of the park. Seriously good.

Then we have Racheal Leahcar:

Rachael Leahcar

the fairy princess

Just a total aside, she is teeny tiny. Like pint-sized. Thumbelina or Tinkerbell come to mind which is appropriate considering all the judges ever say about here is gush gush an angel gush gush ethereal gush gush gush. I think this week we did see her step up but that may well have been out of fear considering she is technically blind and they put her up on a plinth. She’s out of her league with the other three finalists. Next!


So who should win? Well, it should have come down to Karise or Dianna but Keith chose Mr Percival so he’ll probably take it out. Not the outcome I’d hope for but still, watching it unfold.



Oh – all images are from The Voice Australia official website.

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June 12th, 2012 at 9:30 pm