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I almost wet my pants when I saw it:


I saw the original Les Mis performance in Sydney in what? 1986? 1988? with my music class from school. When I was very small mum had taken me to see the ballet and Annie but this, THIS, was something beyond my comprehension. The music, the sets, the story. I was transfixed. Mesmerised. I cried in the theatre. I didn’t even know that could happen – although I think I’d seen Cher cry at the opera in Moonstruck by then so maybe I did.

Anyway, I am beside myself. BESIDE myself. What’s your Les Mis memory. Because admit it, we all have one.

As BabyMac’s husband said, ‘Hugh, Bring Him Home, Oscar. And maybe a tear.’

Excuse me while I fall.down.dead.


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June 1st, 2012 at 8:23 am

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