Morning Tea with the Prime Minister at Kirribilli House. I KNOW.

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Morning Tea at Kirribilli House


Today I met with the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard for morning tea at Kirribilli House.

I did not drop or break the good china. I did not spill food down my front.

I spoke with her about why I blog, how online media offers far greater opportunity for conversations on complex topics rather than a three minute news story with a grab from two sides of the debate and no acknowledgement of the subtle nuances (yes I actually said that) that come with any big topic.

And I thanked her for bringing the disability sector to the front and centre of the stage. That it affects so many people and how important it was. Then I got that little quiver in my voice – you know the one – where you’re about to get teary. I do it ALL.THE.TIME. and it SHITS me.

Kim Palmer Berry meeting the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard

World Leaders


I met Marieke Hardy and Clementine Ford – two ridiculously witty and irreverant women I was determined to win over with my own wit and charm. I was carrying the unfortunate handicap of having my hairdressing appointment this afternoon not yesterday so I had my M’Lynn brown football helmet hair on but they seemed to warm to me. Either that or they were engaging the smile & wave approach to the scary lady with the hipster frames.


And then I gave the PM a jar of my plum and cinnamon jam. I indicated that it was for her and Tim to have on their toast at brekkie at the Lodge and not for some staffer. There was much laughter.

A couple of hours later this happened:

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It’s OK to frame a tweet yeah?



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June 15th, 2012 at 10:59 pm