Food fads – focaccia anyone? Sun-dried tomato? Cupcake?

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This morning I talked with Katya Quigley on ABC Mid North Coast. I know, the ABC really should put me on a retainer. But this morning we were not talking Fat Runner, we were talking food fads: the good the bad and the downright alarming.

A major burger chain is bringing out a sundae with bacon on top.

Let’s just leave that sentence hanging there in all its shame. I get the sweet and savoury thing with bacon – I have a definite weak spot for pancakes, bacon and maple syrup but come on, that sundae has “publicity stunt” stamped on every gram of fat in its soft serve abomination. So what, we pondered, were some other food fads that had us wringing our hands, looking at the plate and going why? WHY?

focaccia with semi dried tomatoes

* SNAP! Focaccia AND sun-dried tomatoes.

  1. Focaccia – I mean, some would argue it’s abuse was enough to drive LA and every starlet in the world to Atkins. But it was merely a launching pad to the Turkish bread, the ciabatta and one that is currently everywhere, the sourdough.
  2. Tomatoes – sun-dried, semi-dried, we can’t leave that poor fruit along. I actually bought some sun-dried tomatoes a few weeks back. Yep. Too soon.
  3. The friand. Now, a well made friand can be a delight, but the standard friand that was everywhere 10-15 years ago was a little bullet of dry marzipany badness. Glad to see the back of those badboys.
  4. Banana Bread. IT’S CAKE PEOPLE, CAKE! You’re eating buttered cake for breakfast and wondering why you’re fat.
  5. Cupcakes. Whipped butter icing on substandard cake. The end of this farce can not come soon enough as far as I’m concerned.
  6. Macarons. MasterChef and Adriano Zumbo have a lot to answer for.
  7. Rainbow cakes. Not clever. Just time consuming and of show pony class. Also? Not cool serving a kid a slice of cake as big as their head.
  8. Cake Pops. Make a cake, crumble it, smoosh it back together and stick it on a stick? JUST EAT THE CAKE PEOPLE.
  9. Pesto anything. I am a purist when it comes to such things. Pesto is pine nuts, garlic, basil, parmesan and olive oil. Once you’re adding cashews, capsicum, THAI flavours you’re dead to me. Move along.
  10. Foams, dusts and dirts. Seriously? We’re deconstructing our food to such a level it’s referencing where it came from? If I wanted bacon dirt I’d be eating the soil from the pigs cloven foot.

Enough already, just put the food on the plate, make it look nice, eat local and seasonal and put an end to this nonsense.


So what food fad do you recall? GO!




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