Fat Runner: comfortable discomfort my arse

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This week’s training was sold to us as a “surprise”. I’m not sure about you but when someone promises me a surprise I’m hoping it involves air travel, ideally a fancy hotel, jewellery and eating enough food and drinking so much champagne my head falls off.

A “surprise” at 6am on Queenscliff beach was, I begrudgingly acknowledged, not going to involve any of those things.

Instead we got to do a 3.5 or 5km run, as many push-ups as you could do without stopping, 8x1minute sessions of sit-ups and, AND a 3.5 or 5km run AGAIN!

They didn’t tell us about the second run part until the second run part.

I decided to give it a red hot go and do the 5km run, after all  that’s what I do at home and this was flat and I DIDN’T KNOW THEY WERE GOING TO ASK ME TO DO IT AGAIN.

I ran the 5km from Queenscliff to Shelley Beach and back .

Queenscliff to Manly run

Death march

in bang on 30 minutes.

I did the rest.

And then  the last run? I did 1.5km. In hindsight I know I could have done the 3.5km and am annoyed I didn’t but hey, there’s always this week.




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June 20th, 2012 at 10:41 pm