Know your limits

The Twitter limits message
My definition of hell


Tonight Twitter told me I had reached my limit. Take a load off, wait a few hours, try again later.


Australia experienced its first ever The Voice Grand Final on Monday night.

I’d been limbering up my fingers for hours in preparation of the twitterfest that was going to ensue.

I was in fine form when suddenly people started saying I’d been on the twitter tv stream. I was too busy tweeting to actually watch┬áthe television.

Tweet on The Voice au
Just another feather

(Shout-out to Baby Mac for her technological prowess at getting the screen grab for me)

I must say I was a little disappointed they hadn’t run with the one in which I informed Keith that he could strum me whenever he wished. Curious.

After the weird post-Voice awkwardness, which Beth so aptly likened to when the lights go on at the Blue Light Disco and you realise who you’re kissing I shifted over to Q & A – that interminable show which has me yelling at the television and going to bed cranky – when that message up there appeared.

An intervention may be necessary.



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  • Mrs WOOG

    I had no idea there was even such a thing! Xx

  • Linda

    next thing to happen will be invitations to attend sydney ‘a-lister’ social events. just as well you are a JDW girl.

    good fun times – thrilled for you

  • Wow, you learn something new every day. I didn’t know there WAS a limit on tweeting. Honestly, it’s like your Dad sticking his head around the door and saying “OI! Give it a rest, would ya?”
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