Who the hell am I?

That crazy Eden lady has reignited her Fresh Horses Brigade meme and I thought I’d jump on and go for a ride. This week – after a particularly snarky, nasty and down-right malicious time in Australian blogging – she’s asking the question, who the hell are you. It seems fair enough. Her post is here. Giddyup.

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade

Who the hell am I?

I laugh loud.

I cry easily. I cry a lot.

I think I’m pretty funny.

I have a big heart.

I am a worrier but more about the big things – public policy, that Tony Abbott could possibly be our Prime Minister, the growing divide between the haves and the have-nots and the long term societal impact poverty has on a community and indeed a nation.

I am a complete stresshead. Always have been.

I have finely honed skills at self-sabotaging me in whatever my latest endeavour or idea. ‘You’re not good enough’ is set in my foundations. I’m re-stumping as we speak.

I am a really good home cook.

Baking makes everything better.

I have three main life mottos: “onward”, “fall down seven times rise up eight”, and “no one gets left behind”. I’m considering adding “stop being sad and start being awesome” to my mantra rotation list.

I am very easily swayed by others opinions and suggestions:
– Exhibit A: I always wanted to be a journalist but changed direction to PR when one very jaded editorial assistant on Cosmopolitan magazine told me to because it was better money.
– Exhibit B: We decided to have a baby because the naturapath I was seeing did some colour selection thing with me and I kept choosing purple. Apparently that was my subconscious telling me I wanted a baby.

I have some really trashy tendencies when it comes to food: jam rollettes, finger buns, that fluffy white icing on boston buns and tea cakes, MOCK CREAM. I’ve had a craving for a chiko roll for about 15 years but am too embarrassed to ask for one, even at the greasiest take-away shop I would never visit again.

I don’t cope very well in being left out. I am a chronic over-sharer and take it very personally when people do not return the favour. Got a secret? Got a plan you’re hatching? I must know. I NEED to know. Even if it’s not appropriate for me to know. I think this can also be called ‘trust issues’.

I can get very jealous of others and their success. I’m getting better at remembering to simply be the best I can be.

I’m on the verge of becoming one of those people who regales you with their fitness regime.

I’m turning 40 this year and while I’m not dreading it I’m not particularly looking forward to it. I’ve always had a feeling of not having enough time. Now I feel like I’m running out of it. It’s subtle but different.

How’s that for starters?


So who the hell are you?







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  • I always wondered who ate that stuff off the top of buns- it’s not me. However…”fitness regime”? Que?

    • I know, I don’t know who I am any more either.

  • Love this! Just posted mine as well. What a fabulous task in tapping in to who we are.

    Christine Macdonald recently posted..Edenland’s Fresh Horses Brigade: Who The Hell Are You?

    • Isn’t it. I’m sure we’d all write something different tomorrow as well.

  • Oh, mock cream! And baking! And worrying about social divides and the possibility of Abbott for PM! I think I have found my bloggy Doppelganger 🙂

    And oh boy do I get the feeling of having not quite enough time left – I’m about to turn 39 and it’s just hit me that odds are, more than half my productive / creative life is over. I’m not sure yet whether to get depressed about that or get determined to squeeze all the juice out of everything while I can.
    Kathy recently posted..Who are you? (A poem)

  • I’ve started brwosing for flights out of the country every time I fear that Tony Abbott could be PM…
    Fiona recently posted..Coffee, marriage equality, politics and religion: Why we should step up the Gloria Jeans boycott

  • The Abbott thing keeps me awake at night. I’ve had to stop watching anything he is in because I just shout at the TV too much – as a result I now know nothing about his policies any more and that’s just the way it has to be for my own mental health.
    I love seeing your baking pictures, they inspire me.
    Glowless recently posted..I am

    • Dude he has no policies, just shouty petulant wedge politics. And I need the recipe of those chocolate custard tarts you made.

  • I worry about Abbott and I LOVE mock cream. I am also an early-discloser and I love when people over share back 😉
    Carli recently posted..Who am I?

  • Mrs Woog

    You are particularly funny. And good at telling a yarn and making me wee in my pants a bit. *sniffs fingers*

  • Tony Abbott could be prime minister? I feel ill at the thought.
    Turning 40 is great, scary, great, hard, great… you will be awesome at it.
    Naomi recently posted..Who the hell are you?

  • Really Worried

    Really worried about Tony Abbot being PM….oh dear…I am really worried the way our country is currently being run by a bunch of morons who are all ex union hacks with no private sector experience. If Craig Thomson was in the private sector he’d be gone, but these hacks think its ok.

    As for turning 40, its great.

  • Linda

    i think i may be you but minus the technology (and the baking thing was me in a previous life).

    i haven’t been able to blog because blogger and my laptop won’t play nice.

    anyone watching me text could be forgiven for assuming i suffer from tourettes.

    you could say i have already celebrated my 40th and my 18th. in my head i am really comfortable with being “old”. i treat my body as something to live in and love with and i plan to wear out every bit of it before i have to hand it back in at ‘the end’. so far i have wrecked the boobs, belly,eyes, teeth and knees and am working on the rest. (the jury is still out in relation to my brain)

    if the mad monk becomes prime minister i will have no option but to go live on a mountain. my daughter is leaving the country because of cando campbell. on the wanker scale those two would be a tie for first place.

    i need to slow my life down because i swear i keep passing myself on the roundabout

    i could very easily mainline condensed milk

  • I’m really enjoying Eden’s link up. I’ve been working my way through while my girls are napping. There are definitely some overriding themes coming out. When I read your post I found myself nodding along, and saying yeah..I feel like that too. Beautifully written x
    Catherine Rodie Blagg @CoTaaB recently posted..Who am I?

  • Gosh I’ve been secretly craving a chiko roll for 15 years too! I saw them in the supermarket frozen aisle the other day… was sooo tempting.

    A woman that understands herself as much as you do? It’s powerful and alluring.
    Deb @ Bright and Precious recently posted..Who are you?

  • Megan

    I think you sound lovely. Actually hilarious and lovely. Thank you for being you.

  • I inadvertently posted mine earlier in the week. Must be something in the air! But now that I know that you must know, I have something secret I must tell you. I am totally into everything about you. xox
    Zoey @ Good Googs recently posted..I Know Who I Am

  • Cat

    I’m a fan of yours Kim and like everything about you that I know! 🙂 I worry too about TAbbott being the next PM – truly I don’t want to leave the country but I shan’t be watching news programs anymore if he is! We have a bit in common too – worrying, mock cream and much more. x
    Cat recently posted..Who the Hell Am I?

  • First time reader. I LOVE your mantras. I never thought about it earlier but I have some too and they are quite similar. I didn’t have them earlier in life but getting older has a way of growing these sayings through life experience. And after having already climbed the hump of 40, I totally get how you feel about time. It’s a bit like the glass half full / half empty perspective. That’s why I remind myself it’s what I make of my time that has to count even more now than ever before! Onward indeed!
    Veronica @ Mixed Gems recently posted..Carpe Diem

  • I love it, Kim. You’re just all there and always have been. x
    Maxabella recently posted..Pantone 364

  • Your writing, without fail, brings me such pleasure. None moreso than this post because I found out more about you. You ARE pretty funny. Very funny. And funny plus honest plus clever plus insightful… is pretty damn great. Only the fact you changed career based on the advice of an editorial assistant from Cosmo stops me from building a shrine.
    Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right recently posted..You’re not special

  • I’m glad someone out there is worried about the bigger picture. I try to, but I don’t get enough sleep right now to worry if my jeans are washed, let alone start in on current foreign policy. This makes me feel totally irresponsible.

    The Barney quote is my mantra.

    I think we’d get on quite well.
    The Accidental Housewife recently posted..Twilight zone. Now with cheese.