New Favourite

I almost wet my pants when I saw it:


I saw the original Les Mis performance in Sydney in what? 1986? 1988? with my music class from school. When I was very small mum had taken me to see the ballet and Annie but this, THIS, was something beyond my comprehension. The music, the sets, the story. I was transfixed. Mesmerised. I cried in the theatre. I didn’t even know that could happen – although I think I’d seen Cher cry at the opera in Moonstruck by then so maybe I did.

Anyway, I am beside myself. BESIDE myself. What’s your Les Mis memory. Because admit it, we all have one.

As BabyMac’s husband said, ‘Hugh, Bring Him Home, Oscar. And maybe a tear.’

Excuse me while I fall.down.dead.


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  • It is going to be incredible. Thanks for sharing Kim.
    Trish recently posted..{Giveaway} Up, up, up and away and Sydney Tower Eye & Skywalk Experience

  • Holy crap. I’ve never seen Les Mis, don’t even know the story.

    I KNOW.

    That looks amazing.
    edenland recently posted..Things They Didn’t Tell You

  • Big Bro

    I saw Les Mis in London. Bawled like a baby at the end. It also added a new dimension to the South Park, Bigger Longer and Uncut movie, seriously!

  • Without trying to sound like a massive wanker, I saw Les Mis on Broadway in 1991. Three years after my Castle On A Cloud debacle. It was incredible and I finally got those words I had sung.

    The film looks amazing. Can not wait. x
    Corinne recently posted..Friday Fun – In the Night Garden

  • I thought it was just me! When I saw the trailer yesterday I got chills, then started crying. Cause I’m a total hard arse. I can’t wait!
    The Accidental Housewife recently posted..Tempus Fugit

  • my Les Mis memory seems always to be intertwined with George Costanza getting ‘Master of the House’ stuck on his brain. And even as I type those words I know I’m gonna be singing that for the rest of the afternoon (and the title is the ONLY words in that song I know).
    Julie recently posted..Robot Century

  • My partner ran the sound desk for it in Christchurch four years ago and I got to help – all 17 performances. It still sends shivers up my spine and I cant wait for the movie 🙂

  • Pelvic Floor Muscles.

    Mr Duyvken is a Les Mis fan but my dad was into Gilbert & Sullivan so no Sir ALW for us. We were too busy rocking out to comic operas.

    Amelia recently posted..Listening to…

  • Kay

    Oh…….I just got all teary watching that! Can’t wait!!

    I saw Les Mis reluctantly…..Mum used to drag us all along to any musical playing at the Festival Theatre. LOVED it so much I went straight out the next day and bought tickets for the next show. Was up in the nosebleed seats but didn’t care. Since then, the cast recording has been on high rotation on my CD player….in fact, I think it deserves another airing now.

    As for Hugh, god he’s just lovely. He came to my workplace a few years ago while promoting Boy from Oz and it seemed every single female found an excuse to hang around the foyer until he arrived. He was so gracious about photo opportunities too……no airs or graces at all.

    • see, you can just TELL people like Hugh are good inside and out. Him and Keith. Good eggs.

  • jac

    Les Mis is my favourite. Favourite. FAVOURITE. I can sing it to you if you’d like. Yes, the whole thing. And I hate people messing with it but I thought the preview looked great. That’s a big step for me. MY FAVOURITE.

    • I’ve had the soundtrack to Les Mis and my other absolute favourite, Chess, on high rotation ever since I saw the trailer. I can still sing them both word-for-word. I am both proud and deeply troubled.

  • Tear.

    In my throat.

    Fiona recently posted..Billabong Retreat Sydney – Yoga, Mindfulness and Eco Retreat

  • I won an eisteddford singing ‘On my Own’. I would play my mums record (yep a record!) over and over again. I also had the hots for Anthony Warlow!