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Yesterday I spent 2+ hours getting to and from my long-anticipated (2 months) appointment with the endocrinologist. The news is not awesome but not a surprise either. More on that later.

I got home just in time to immediately start the whole dinner, bath, homework, bed bedlam.

This morning involved a 5:17 wake up from Oscar with a wet bed. In turn Grover woke early, as did Jasper and it all went to hell in a handbasket with Grover refusing breakfast of toast with (homemade) raspberry jam only to then have an Unleash-The-Hounds calibre meltdown when I gave it to Jasper instead.

I dropped Jasper at school for dance at 8 and scoured the school for his “lost” $60 jumper – “lost” in that it was “apparently” on his lunchbox at dance last Thursday and then not there when dance was over. I didn’t find the jumper.

Got home to then hustle Oscar into the car for a trip to the dentist.

I really don’t need to say any more than that do I. DENTIST. I haven’t been to one in more than five years because of my fear of them but also because of JUST HOW BAD they make me feel about my dental hygiene and that of my children. Today was no different, even though we were at the dentist at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. It’s not their fault, I am hypersensitive to such things.

He will require a general and work done – general cleaning and four fillings, one of which may need a root canal or extraction.

Then we had to go and have a full head x-ray.

So yeah, I’m feeling under the pump people. I’m trying to breath in the white light and breath out the black smoke. I’m trying to not dwell on the bad and stressful and focus on the fun and also the things I can do (when not at specialists and dentists and x-rays and dropping kids at school a million miles away) to ease the bad and stressful. I am really trying.

I’d seen references to this over the last week or so but never clicked through. Blackbird linked to it today and well, I always do as Blackbird instructs or informs. She is my Jedi Master.

I needed this today, now. I BALLED my eyes out watching it – the fun, the love, the pure joy of it. I just wish the world for these two – I mean, what legends! But it did something else for me today. It reminded me (as I do every day, don’t worry) HARD that all that really matters in this world is love. Love, family and friends. That’s it. It’s that simple. And well, I have those three things in buckets.



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